Call of Duty: The Warzone Bunkers Are Unlocked — Here’s How To Get In

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Call of Duty: The Warzone Bunkers Are Unlocked — Here’s How To Get In

Following the new Modern Warfare Warzone update, you can now access the Warzone bunkers! But what's inside?

On May 18 Infinity Ward released a new Title Update for Modern Warfare and Warzone. This added two new maps, a playlist update, and much more. The most notable Warzone updates were changes with loot, a new ‘amour box’ which can be purchased at buy stations, and an option to play ‘classic br’ with no buy stations or gulag. Finally, the gulag has changed. No longer will you have to suffer with the Deagle or .357, the gulag will now pick between 6 ARs and 4 SMGs which are all automatic.

So, what happened with the bunkers?

The bunkers have been a mystery since day one. Keypads were present, but did nothing when interacted with. Following the Season 3 update for warzone, red key cards started appearing around the map. After being posted on reddit many fans speculated that this card was needed to open the bunker. However, after testing, the bunkers still wouldn't open. Finally, after the May 18th update the bunkers can be opened using the red key card. This is extremely rare, but if found, you get access to the amazing loot inside of these bunkers. This was revealed by FaZe Dirty as he shared his first time entering one of the bunkers.

The bunker rewards you with plenty of loot for the whole squad, including cash, streaks, and field upgrades. Although this key card is extremely rare, it could turn the tides of your Warzone game, and propel you to a victory!

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