Immortals Mid Laner Ablazeolive Steps Down From the LCS Roster Due to Personal Reasons

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Immortals Mid Laner Ablazeolive Steps Down From the LCS Roster Due to Personal Reasons

Nick “Ablazeolive” Abbott will take the rest of the LCS Spring Split off.

Immortals are currently in ninth place in the LCS and they are doing a roster change in the mid lane. As Ablazeolive steps away from the main team, Immortals will promote their Challengers mid laner Onur Can “Bolulu” Demirol to the LCS.

In their announcement tweet, Immortals did not give a reason for the change aside from it being a decision made by Ablazeolive for personal reasons and that the staff and his teammates are supporting this move. In the statement from Immortals Ablazeolive said that “After a lot of thought, I believe this is the best decision for myself.” Also adding in a personal tweet that he appreciates the support from all the fans.

Since joining the LCS in the 2021 Spring with the Golden Guardians, Ablazeolive quickly became a fan favorite as he was one of the few native mid laners promoted from the Academy in the league. He was also looked at as a prospect with big potential, but since then he has struggled to show his full potential on a consistent basis. At the start of the 2023 season, Ablazeolive moved to the Immortals, and so far neither he nor the team has found their forms yet. Immortals are in ninth place in the league and Ablazeolive is having the worst season of his not-so-long LCS career.

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On the team side, there is a chance Bolulu can come in and help Immortals fix some of their problems. While IMT Challengers are a middle-of-the-pack team in NACL, Bolulu himself isn’t necessarily setting the league on fire either, he is not a young rookie player with no experience. He has been playing on the stage for a while now with his two TCL championships and two Worlds appearances. Bolulu was also teammates with the Immortals support Kadir “Fleshy” Kemiksiz last year. The duo finished the regular season of TCL in first place on NASR Esports.

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