Immortals LCS Preview, Summer Split 2022

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Immortals LCS Preview, Summer Split 2022

LCS Summer Split is nearing as Immortals are looking to get back to Playoffs. Check out our Immortals LCS Preview.

Immortals Summer 2022 Roster

  • Mohamed ‘Revenge' Kaddoura
  • Shane ‘Kenvi' Espinoza
  • Tristan ‘PowerOfEvil' Schrage
  • Lawrence ‘Lost' Hui
  • Lee ‘IgNar' Dong-geun

There is no need to mince words, Spring Split was a disaster for Immortals. In the off-season, this team invested heavily into the narrative that they are all-in with their native top laner Mohamed ‘Revenge' Kaddoura and that he would be involved with the roster decisions. And with all accounts, they did and continue to do that.

But did they do the rest of it right? Sure, Immortals had an overall bad Spring, but in Week 4 they only had a 4-5 record, which was tied for a playoff spot. The team's play wasn’t that impressive, but the constant switching of the roster from this point on certainly didn’t help the things as well. After bad results, the organization kept alternating their starting ADCs between Jason ‘WildTurtle’ Tran, who was signed at the start of the season, and Noh ‘Arrow’ Dong-hyeon, who returned to pro play after a long break. And if I need to be honest, neither of them impressed the audience.

So they made a change and brought in Lawrence ‘Lost' Hui from Golden Guardians. A change was needed, but is Lost the ADC that will carry you to the next tier? Maybe, if they had players carrying in other positions, but it is really hard if Revenge and Tristan ‘PowerOfEvil' Schrage don’t step up their play.

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Immortals LCS Preview

Immortals also had two changes in their supporting positions. Mitchell ‘Destiny’ Shaw and Andrei ‘Xerxe’ Dragomir are no longer with the team. Both players’ Immortals run was filled with inconsistent performances, and the last split was the height of it. Especially, Xerxe had one of the worst performances he had in recent years. Replacing them are Lee ‘IgNar' Dong-geun and Shane ‘Kenvi' Espinoza.

We all know who IgNar is and what he can bring to a team. But Kenvi is more of a wildcard. He has been incredibly impressive in the Academy for the 100T and is a great prospect for the future. But it can be hard for younger players to just slot into a team, especially when that team is struggling a lot.

In our power rankings, I have Immortals just outside the playoffs. This is mostly because of the lack of carry potential in the team. Lost hasn’t shown that he can carry games, Revenge spent most of the last split getting leads and throwing them away. As for the experienced PowerOfEvil, he couldn’t capitalize from a very weak mid-lane pool to dominate like he used to be able to. So while I am optimistic about what Kenvi and IgNar can bring, I don’t see this team having a good split without these three players stepping up significantly.

Immortals LCS Preview, Summer Split 2022
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