HYENAS Closed Beta is LIVE

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HYENAS Closed Beta is LIVE

Scar's pack of henchmen from The Lion King have started their Closed Beta today! Will you be joining the pack?

One part hero shooter, one part zero-gravity extraction shooter, and one part arena shooter, Creative Assembly's new HYENAS will be coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC. 

The PC version went into Alpha access last September. But while players could experience the game, these playtests had limitations, and players couldn't record gameplay. But that all changed today. 

HYENAS' PC Closed Beta is now live, and you can stick it to the man for everyone to see. 

How to Gain Closed Beta Access

Watch some HYENAS streamers today to get your own Closed Beta access key.
Image Source: @HYENAS Twitter
  • Head over to HYENAS' Steam page, log into your Steam account, and request access to the Closed Beta. Creative Assembly will be sending out Closed Beta access keys to players. Check your email to see if they've given you one.
  • Head over to https://drops.playhyenas.com/rewards and link your Twitch account. Next, check out any streamer currently streaming HYENAS in the HYENAS category here: https://www.twitch.tv/directory/category/hyenas. Watch any streamer here for an hour with Twitch Drops enabled, and you can claim a Closed Beta access key. 

What's the Story of HYENAS?

A Big Tech corporation named CLOUT developed gravity-bending technology to colonize Mars and amass obscene amounts of profit. One day, their technology had a little hiccup that caused Earth's devastation in The Crack. So basically a universe where Malcolm Merlyn from Arrow ruined the Earth.

A few million people survived thanks to spaceships and had no choice but to live in an orbital slum called The Taint. And the billionaires of CLOUT? The people who ruined Earth sit comfortably on a privatized Mars and run the show. The people of The Taint have no choice but to play CLOUT's game by their rules. 

Or do they?

Plunder Riot

CLOUT has created spaceships known as Plunderships to head back to Earth to retrieve artifacts from a dead planet. These items, collectively known as Merch, are worth a fortune. And a fortune is what the people of The Taint will need to better their lives.

HYENAS, the game world's version of space pirates, have decided to stick it to CLOUT and take some of their wealth for themselves. It'll be a real Plunder Riot.

Currently, there are eight HYENAS in-game. Each has its own unique weapon loadouts and abilities. Players will compete with four other crews while dealing with the on-site security force, MURFs. The objective is to break into various vaults aboard the Plundership and make off with the loot. 

Once your team has enough loot, activate the Plundership's VIP Extraction and try to get out of there alive. The first crew to scoot with the loot is the winner. 

Will you be joining the pack?


HYENAS Closed Beta is LIVE
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