Hunter Runes – WoW Season of Discovery

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Hunter Runes – WoW Season of Discovery

Everything on Hunter Runes in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery.

Here is everything you need to know about Hunter Runes in WoW Season of Discovery.

Hunter Rune Locations WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2

Steady Shot Rune Location

Horde + Alliance:

  • Visit the Arathi Highlands and kill Needletooth at Witherbark Village in the southeast.

Dual Wield Specialization Rune Location

Horde + Alliance:

  • Requires you to unlock the Flare Rune.
  • Visit Stranglethorn Vale and go to the 31.89 15.7 coordinates, until you get the Danger! debuff.
  • Use Flare and defeat the spawning Bloodscalp Guerrilla mob to obtain the rune.

Invigoration Rune Location

Horde + Alliance:

  • Head to the Swamp of Sorrows and visit Amaryllis Webb at  25.0 54.2 and buy the Entomology Starter Kit.
  • Now you need to catch bugs at the following locations:
    • Stranglethorn Vale outside Zul’Gurub on a tree stump around 45 19.
    • Arathi Highlands in a barn at Northfold Manor around 31 28
    • Desolace near the Kodo Graveyard around 51 59
  • Return to Amaryllis Webb and turn in the bugs for the rune.

Expose Weakness Rune Location

Horde + Alliance:

  • Kill Dustbelcher Ogres and Dustbelcher Brutes in the Badlands until they drop a Primitive Drawing which initiates the quest Terror of the Desert Skies.
  • Head on to Stranglethorn Vale and turn in the quest with Hemet Nesingwary at 35.6 10.8 to obtain a box.
  • Use the box to capture any critter, and go to the Badlands and find the nest at 22.4 66.7.
  • Click on the nest and defeat Gharrik who spawns and loots the Crimson Trophy Quill.
  • Return to Hemet Nesingwary back at Stranglethorn Vale and turn in the Quill to obtain the rune.

Trap Launcher Rune Location

Horde + Alliance:

  • Head to Desolace and find the Extingushed Fire at 47.5 54.6 near the Kodo Graveyard. Here you can initiate the quest Highway Robbery.
  • Head to Bibbly F'utzbuckle at the northeast of the Graveyard to turn in and accept the quest On the Lam.
  • Next, you have to go to Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale and walk to Tokal at the Inn and you get the quest Cherry for Your Thoughts. Now buy Cherry Grog from Nixxrax Fillamug and turn in the quest with Tokal to accept No Honor Among Thieves.
  • Now go to the Arathi Highlands and use the rowboat at 53.0 91.0 to go to the eastern shore. Here you have to talk to Illari Duskfeather at the docks, fight, and loot her for Illari's Key.
  • You'll find a chest near Illari's location at the docks where you can turn in the quest for the Jewel-Encrusted Box which contains the rune.

Melee Specialist Rune Location

Horde + Alliance:

  • Head on over to Ariden's Camp at Deadwind Pass and talk to the Dalaran Agent to obtain Ariden's Sigil.
  • Equip it and you'll get the Dark Presence Buff in certain locations which causes Dark Riders to spawn. You'll have to slay all 7 of them.
  • These can be found at the following locations and coordinates, loot them for the relics:
    • Deadwind Pass: 43.0 29.0
    • Duskwood: 23.0 47.0
    • Swamp of Sorrows: 69.0 28.0
    • Arathi Highlands: 34.0 35.0
    • The Barrens: 52.0 36.0
    • Desolace: 65.0 25.0
    • Badlands: 58.0 54.0
  • Return to the Dalaran Agent and turn in the relicts to obtain the rune.

Aspect of the Viper Skill Book Location

  • The Treatise on Aspect of the Viper drops from mobs in the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard.

Hunter Rune Locations WoW Season of Discovery

Reveal Rune Location

Horde + Alliance:

  • Head to the Wetlands to find and kill Carrodin at 42.2, 64.1 who can be found in the Thelgen Rock Cave.
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Master Marksman Rune Location

For this one player needs to use the skill Hunter's Mark on a Rustling Bush which can be found in the overworld. Doing so will spawn a mob you have to kill for the rune.


  • Troll/Orc: Found in Durota at 38, 52.
  • Tauren: Found in Mulgore at 59.02, 54.38.


  • Night Elf: Found in Teldrassil at 46.6, 46.3.
  • Dwarf: Found in Dun Morogh at 29, 49.

Lone Wolf Rune Location

Horde + Alliance:

  • Head over to Ratchet and complete the quests given by Grizzby. After completing the quests the rune will be available for purchase.
  • Shredder Trubochargers asks you to head to Stonetalon Mountains to the Windshear Crag to use the Shredder Autosalvage Unit on Venture Co. Shredders to obtain 16 Turbo Chargers.
  • Dark Iron Ordinance wants you to head on over to Loch Modan or North Wetlands to kill Dark Iron Dwarfs for 20 Dark Iron Ordinance.
  • In Fish Oil, you have to bring back 24 Fish Oil obtained by killing Murlocs in the Wetlands or Hillsbrand.

Cobra Strikes Rune Location

Horde + Alliance:

  • Head to the Hillsbrand Foothills and locate the wandering goblin vendor Zixil and buy Freshwater Snapper Bait from them.
  • Then you head on to the southeastern lake of Tarren Mill and interact with the small fishing boat. That will spawn a mob you have to slay for the rune.

Kill Command Rune Location

Horde + Alliance:

  • Head to Stonetalon Mountains and accept the quest Wild Wyvern Wrangling from Jixo Madrocket.
  • Complete the quest by handing in Hypnotic Crystal which is dropped by the last boss of the Wailing Caverns. Then head on over to Ashenvale to slay Furbolgs for Greater Magic Wand and Wild Magic Essence to create the Gnarled Wand of Wild Magic for the handin.
  • Next, accept the quest Wrangling a Wild Wyvern and follow Jinxo to learn how to tame a Wyvern. You'll also obtain the Rune of Kill Command in the process.

Sniper Training Rune Location


  • All: Head to Rachet in the Barrens and talk to Klixx to buy a Fishing Harpoon from him. Next, you head on down to the bay and find the shark Bruuz underwater, then use the harpoon to lower its health and get the kill for the rune.


  • Night Elf: In Dark Shore find the dead turtles around 47.8, 16.0 to find the Gnarled Harpoon. Then head into the water to find Paxnozz, use the harpoon to weaken them, and kill it for the rune.
  • Both: In Westfall, you simply need to slay Defias Scouts until it drops.
  • Dwarf: You can find Kackle in Loch Modan at 54, 54 and slay them for the rune.

Serpent Spread Rune Location

Horde + Alliance:

  • Raise your reputation with the Durotar Supply and Logistics or Azeroth Commerce Authority respectively by doing the handins and purchasing the rune for 4 gold and 50 silver.

Flanking Strikes Rune Location


  • Tauren: In Mulgore you need to kill Mokwa who can be found at 36, 57. It's attracted by Mulgore Bird Meat which is obtained from slain Swoops.
  • Troll/Orc: In Durotar you'll have to kill Raluk which is found at 68.7, 71.4. Use Durotar Pig Meat acquired from boars in the area to attract it.


  • Night Elf: In Teldrassil the rune is obtained by slaying Mowgh (48.3, 31.4) who you can attract with Teldrassil Bird Meat obtained from Strigid Owls.
  • Dwarf: Slay Jorgul in Dun Morogh who can be found at 37.9 42.5. Use Dun Morogh Pig Meat from nearby boars to lore them out.

Beast Mastery Rune Location


  • In Silverpine Forest you need to kill enough Ferocious Grizzled Bears until the Grizzled Protector Elite spawns. Kill it for the rune.
  • In the Barrens, you can find the Patrolling Cheetah at 44.4 55.4 close to Camp Taurajo. You'll have to figure out its pathing to trap it so you can remove its speed buff and kill it for the rune.


  • In Westfall, by killing Goretusk mobs you can optain the Goretusk Haunch which can be used at 32.8, 35.9 to spawn Silverspur who you have to kill for the rune.
  • Kill Furblogs in Duskshore until one drops the Crab Treats. Now you have to head to the beach where you can find the Young Reef Crawler. Give them the Crab Treats and you'll obtain the rune.
  • In Loch Modan find Daryl (83.4 65.2) the Youngling who has a Trophy Case next to him. Simply open it to obtain the rune.
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Chimera Shot Rune Location


  • Orc: Accept the quest Hunt for the Rune in Durotar and slay Scorpid Workers for the rune.
  • Troll: Accept the quest Rugged Terrain and slay Scropid Workers until the rune drops.
  • Tauren: Accept the Quest A Hunter's Strength in Mulgore and slay Bristleback Battleboars until the rune drops.


  • Dwarf: Accept the quest Trek Through the Caves in Dun Morogh and slay Frostmane Trolls for the drop.
  • Night Elf: Accept A Hunter's Strength in Teldrassil and slay Githyiss the Vile for the rune.

Explosive Shot Rune Location


  • Troll/Orc: Dropped by slaying Sarkoth in Durotar.
  • Tauren: Dropped by slaying Arra'chea in Mulgore.


  • Dwarf: Slay Fyodi in Dun Morogh for the rune.
  • Night Elf: Slay Rageclaw in Teldrassil who can be found at the very bottom of the Ban'ehil Barrow.

Carve Rune Location


  • Orc/Troll: In Durotar use Adder Pheromone and tame an Adder, then speak with Razzil in Razor Hill for the rune.
  • Tauren: In Mulgore use Prairie Dog Musk to tame a Prairie Dog and bring it to Rakoda Sunmane in Bloodhoof Village to obtain the rune.


  • Dwarf: Use Rabbit Musk in Dun Morogh to tame a Rabbit and show them to Toby at Amberstill Ranch for the rune.
  • Night Elf: In Teldrassil, use the Deer Musk on a Deer and show it to Relaeron next to the Hunter trainer in Darnassus.

Hunter Runes WoW SoD Phase 2


  • Expose Weakness – Melee and Ranged Criticals increase attack power by 40% of the Hunters Agility for 7 seconds.
  • Melee Specialist – Raptor Strike's cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds and is now instant. Mongoose Bite's cooldown is removed, and Raptor Strike has now a 30% chance on each attack not to trigger its cooldown.
  • Steady Shot – Steady Shot causes 60% ranged weapon damage.


  • Dual Wield Specialization – Damage done from your offhand weapon increases by 50% and causes your Raptor Strike to hit with both weapons when dual-wielding. Raptor Strike also deals a 30% increase in damage when wielding two weapons of the same type.
  • Invigoration – When the hunter's pet lands a critical hit with a special ability, the hunter regenerates 5% of their maximum mana.
  • Trap Launcher – Traps can now be placed in any location within 40 yards and can be placed while in combat. Fire and Frost-based traps now have separate shared cooldowns.

Hunter Runes


  • Aspect of the Lion – Increases stats of all allies by 10% while increasing the stats of the Hunter by 20%.
  • Master Marksman – Critical strike chance is increased by 5% and Mana's cost of all shot abilities is reduced by 25%.
  • Lone Wolf – Damage is increased by 25% when there are no active pets.
  • Cobra Strikes – Critical hits caused by Shot abilities allow your pet to hit the next 2 special attacks as critical hits.


  • Kill Command – Increases the pet's damage by 60% for the next 30 seconds. Special attacks reduce the damage bonus by 20% when used.
  • Sniper Training – Shot abilities have a 305 increased critical strike chance if you haven't moved for the last 6 seconds.
  • Serpent Spread – Multi-shot targets are now also affected by Serpent Sting for 6 seconds.
  • Flanking Strike – You and your pet deal 100% melee damage, after Mongoose Bite, and Raptor Strike deals 10% increased damage for 10 seconds. Raptor Strike also has a chance of resetting the cooldown of Flanking Strike.


  • Beast Mastery – The Pet's damage and health are increased by 30% and Focus generation is increased by 80%. Growl now also Taunts a target to attack the pet for 3 seconds.
  • Chimera Shot – Deals 125% weapon damage and triggers an effect on the current Sting applied. 40% damage by Serpent Sting, recovers 60% mana of the amount drained by Viper Sting, and tries to disarm the enemy under Scorpid Sting.
  • Explosive Shot – Deals Ranged and Fire damage and deals damage for an additional 2 seconds.
  • Carve – Hits all enemies in front of you for 50% of your weapon damage.

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Hunter Runes – WoW Season of Discovery
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