Huge Dragon Egg in Palworld – How To Get It

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Huge Dragon Egg in Palworld – How To Get It

Do you want to get the Huge Dragon Egg Palworld? If so, let’s learn more about where you can add it to your Pals.

The Huge Dragon Egg Palworld is an interesting reward that you can add to your arsenal. Once you are done exploring Lunaris, you can focus on one of the rarest items in the game. Getting your hands on it is easier said than done, but before you check the Huge Dragon Egg Palworld Reddit, let’s learn what you can focus on.

Where is the Huge Dragon Egg located in Palworld?

The Huge Dragon Egg Palworld location is unknown because the chest that has it spawns randomly. Considering that this is one of the rarest things you can have on those eggs, finding it is easier said than done, and you need to be lucky. They can be anywhere.

Having said that, our experience and analysis of other people has shown that the egg is more likely to spawn on a higher ground. Some people even use flying pals, such as Nitewing, to hunt for the egg, so this could be something you may be interested in.

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Palworld Huge Dragon Egg – How To Hatch It 

Huge Dragon Egg - How To Get It
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Following the Huge Dragon Egg Palworld release date, people who are lucky enough to find this item need to know how to hatch it. Like the other eggs, you need to put it inside an incubator and wait until it hatches. In case you were not aware, the entire process takes two hours, but the process may be a bit faster, depending on where you are located. 

Once the egg is incubated, you will need to press the F key for a few seconds so it can hatch.

What can you get from the Huge Dragon Egg in Palworld?

Considering the name of the egg, it’s no surprise that you will get a dragon-type Pal. From our observation, we found options like Jormuntide, Relaxaurus, and more. Usually, these are some of the best pals for Each Work.


While it is true that the Huge Dragon Egg Palworld is one of the most interesting eggs you can find, there are other alternatives. You can also find a Normal Dragon Egg, as well as a  Large Dragon Egg, and each one has something good to offer. 

We expect to see a lot more things from this game because it is slowly becoming one of the most popular titles right now. Make sure to learn more information about the title and check our guides because we have tons of Palworld content. 

Huge Dragon Egg in Palworld – How To Get It
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