HRH Crown Prince Announces Esports World Cup at New Global Sport Conference 2023

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HRH Crown Prince Announces Esports World Cup at New Global Sport Conference 2023

The Gamers8 Festival is upgrading into the Esports World Cup!

At today's New Global Sport Conference, HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman revealed Gamers8's evolution into the Esports World Cup heading into 2024.

Esports is a major player in Saudi Arabia's Saudi Vision 2030, so naturally, the nation will continue to invest in the Esports scene to make Riyadh an Esports hub in the region.

The Gamers8 Festival already achieved the status of the biggest Esports event in the world, with a staggering $45 million prize pool, but the Esports World Cup will be even bigger.

The Esports World Cup is going to be even bigger and better than the Games8 Festival!
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The Esports World Cup will share a near-identical format of the Gamers8 Festival, with eight weeks of competition. But the Esports World Cup will have more games across more genres, with FPS, TPS, MOBA, RTS, Sports, Racing, Battle Royale, and Fighting game titles to make the grand stage to determine the world's best Esports organization.

Ralf Reichert, Co-Founder and former CEO of ESL Gaming and former Chairman of ESLFACEIT Group, will head up the Esports World Cup Federation as its CEO. Having acquired ESLFACEIT through Savvy Games Group, Saudi Arabia already has a working relationship with Ralf Reichert, and the industry veteran makes for a smart pick to head up this new project. The Esports World Cup Federation will act independently from ESL.

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Saudi Arabia's investments in the Esports scene continue to get more ambitious. The Esports World Cup kicks off in Summer 2024.

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