How to Watch Warhammer Day 2023

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How to Watch Warhammer Day 2023

How to Watch Warhammer Day 2023, one of the biggest stream of reveals of Games Workshop games – even Warhammer The Old World!

Warhammer Day is the celebration of all things Warhammer, be it 40,000, Age of Sigmar, Kill Team, Warcry or even the new (old?) The Old World of Games Workshop’s arsenal. The annual event takes place on October 14th this year, with tons of reveals promised by the company behind our favourite tabletop wargames. Below you can find out how you can join the festivities, and how you can get first-hand information about what’s to come in all your favourite titles!

How to Watch Warhammer Day 2023

Warhammer Day will be streamed live on the official Warhammer Twitch channel this Saturday, on October 14th at 3PM CEST/6AM PDT/9AM EDT/12AM AEDT. The reveals should last a while, so you will have to join in any time you want. Don’t worry if you miss it, as the reveals will all be showcased here at ESTNN, as well as the official Warhammer Community site.

How to Watch Warhammer Day 2023

The biggest hype is around the reveals of the Warhammer Fantasy Battle reboot called Warhammer The Old World. The revival of the classic tabletop wargame – which was replaced by Age of Sigmar a few years back – has garnered a huge following already, even though not much has been shared about it. Hopefully, Games Workshop will share a release date with the community, so that we can count the days until the new (old?) game drops!

There were already some things revealed by GW a few days ago: this year’s Warhammer Day miniature, which features and alternative look to the Champion of the newest faction of 40k. The Leagues of Votann have joined the fray of the 41st millennium last year, and while they don’t have a big range yet, they are still becoming more and more popular (even more so after the September balance update). The Einhyr Champion is one of the most iconic characters of the faction, and the new Warhammer Day version called The Ancestor’s Wrath looks to pack a punch for the 40th anniversary of Warhammer.

How to Watch Warhammer Day 2023 The Ancestor's Wrath

Outside of the new Votann mini, a celebratory box has also been revealed. The Limited Edition Merch Collector’s Box is available in the Warhammer Merchandise store, and contains tons of goodies, like a 40k hoodie and shirt, posters and a notebook.

How to Watch Warhammer Day 2023 Collector's Box

While Games Workshop has been a bit quiet on this year’s Warhammer Day, there’s no need to worry. The reveals should be flowing tomorrow about The Old World, Age of Sigmar, 40k and Kill Team!

How to Watch Warhammer Day 2023
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