How To Watch HypeX $10K Fortnite 3v3 Zone Wars Invitational

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How To Watch HypeX $10K Fortnite 3v3 Zone Wars Invitational

HypeX hosts a $10K CAD Zone Wars Invitational tournament featuring Team BH and Chronic.

Some of Fortnite’s most talented Zone Wars players have thrown their hat into the ring for HypeX’s $10K CAD tournament. This invitational tournament features two-time FNCS Champion Dejsean “Deyy” Hew and Season 8 Champion Nathan “Reet” Amundson. These players and a few others will compete for the $6K CAD top prize and ultimate bragging rights in Fortnite’s Zone Wars scene.


Invited teams of three will square off in Zone Wars matches against one another in a single-elimination bracket. Each player starts every round with maximum building materials and a random loadout. The primary objective is to eliminate the other team while the Storm Circle moves and deals damage.

Here is the tournament format:

  • November 16 at 6 PM ET
  • Zone Wars 3v3s
  • Eight Teams
  • Single Elimination Bracket
  • Best of 13 Rounds

Here is the complete prize pool distribution:

  • 1st: $6,000 CAD
  • 2nd: $3,000 CAD
  • 3rd: $1,000 CAD

How to watch the tournament

Most of the tournament’s participants will broadcast their perspectives during the 3v3 Zone Wars Invitational. Here is a list of some streamers expected to compete this evening:

You’ll want to check Twitch’s Fortnite category to see other players streaming this tournament.

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For more information, visit HypeX’s website, where you can find the complete bracket and more!

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