How to Upgrade Weapons in Remnant 2?

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How to Upgrade Weapons in Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 is a game that knows how to put its players to the test. For this reason, therefore, knowing how to upgrade your weapons is of vital importance. If you still don't understand how to do and how this system works, this how to upgrade weapons in Remnant 2 article will be of great help to remedy this lack. However, we would like to clarify that this is not a difficult operation at all, but it is still useful to know a few small tips that can make your life in the game easier.

Remnant 2 how to upgrade weapons

The first thing to know is that in order to upgrade your weapons you will have to visit the merchant Rigs. This merchant is one of many merchants that you will find in Ward 13 and that you will meet during the tutorial. Obviously, as in any other game, in order to upgrade weapons in Remnant 2, you will need to have specific materials that can be acquired during your adventure in different ways: by killing enemies and bosses, looting chests, and completing missions and events.

As for the Regular Weapons, they can be upgraded up to +5 by making use of the Iron material, which can be found practically anywhere in the world of Remnant 2. However, you have to keep in mind that as you level up your weapon and therefore it will become more and more powerful, you will need a better and better type of Iron. Up to +10 you will need Forged Iron, up to +15 Galvanized Iro,n and finally Hardened Iron. In addition, to upgrade the last level, another material is needed, the Simulacrum, quite rare to find and which can be purchased from Cass for 1500 Scrap (a sort of in-game currency).

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As for the Special Boss Weapons, they have a very similar progression to the normal ones, only that the maximum level is 10, instead of 20. Furthermore, in addition to needing the various types of Iron, you will also need to have Lumenite Crystals, also quite easy to find in the game world.

A very useful tip we want to give you is to go to the McCabe merchant if you find a weapon that you already own or a material that he has already transformed into a weapon. In this way, this merchant will allow you to add +1 modifier to the item, saving you many important resources. It is therefore an intelligent method to take advantage of the duplicate weapons that, in all probability, you will collect during your exploration of the worlds of Remnant 2.

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How to get weapons in Remnant 2?

Before concluding this article, we decided to say a few words regarding how to get weapons in Remnant 2. First of all, we specify that the game offers many different possibilities from this point of view. Weapons can be found as loot from defeated enemies and bosses or purchased from merchants in Ward 13. Our advice, however, before proceeding with the purchase of weapons which, obviously, require a considerable expenditure in terms of resources, is to explore the game world thoroughly and defeat as many enemies as possible, so that you can get hold of multiple types of weapons.

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By adopting this (simple) strategy, you will save a lot of resources that you can use to upgrade your weapons, as explained in the previous paragraph. So unless you want a particular weapon that has to be bought from merchants, as a first option we recommend trying the ones you acquire with the normal continuation of the game's main story and exploration.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Remnant 2?
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