How To Unlock The Fortnite Crew Exclusive ‘Members Only’ Emote

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How To Unlock The Fortnite Crew Exclusive ‘Members Only’ Emote

Learn how to unlock the ‘Members Only’ emote via Fortnite crew.

Epic Games unleashed a monthly subscription service, dubbed Fortnite Crew, in early December. The launch went smoothly, but January proved a bit more complicated. Several users across multiple platforms reported issues receiving their allotted V-Bucks this month. Additionally, Xbox players have had a tough time unsubscribing from the service. The Fortnite Team released a blog post addressing the many problems that began in 2021.

“At the turn of the new year, we know some players may have experienced issues receiving their Fortnite Crew rewards. Also, early attempts to unsubscribe on Xbox may have been a little tricky, please check our Player Support pages for updated steps to unsubscribe on Xbox. For help with any issues, visit our Fortnite Crew Player Support page.”

Epic is continuing to work on all reported issues to ensure a consistent experience moving forward. As a result of the problems many players encountered this month, the developers offer a free emote for anyone enrolled in Fortnite Crew.

How to Unlock the ‘Members Only’ Emote

Players looking to add this new emote to their arsenal have to be current or past subscribers of the Fortnite Crew service. Those who enroll between now and February 15 can unlock also unlock this new emote.

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“As a thank you for your patience, we’re granting all past and present Fortnite Crew members an exclusive new Emote called Members Only. Past, present, and new Fortnite Crew members will receive the Emote upon logging in anytime from now until February 15.”

The emote should appear automatically at some point in your locker within the next few weeks, provided that you fit the parameters listed above. Here is a look at the new Members Only emote.

What is Fortnite Crew?

A Fortnite character in rogue's gear is shown in the middle next to a pile of V-bucks to one side and an astronaut on the other side with the words "Fortnite Crew" in the corner and more text scattered throughout with a green and white background

Let us offer a brief refresher if you’re unsure of what the Fortnite Crew subscription service entails. Here’s a breakdown of what Epic Games provide for a monthly $14.99 recurring charge, which you can cancel at any time with no commitment:

  • An exclusive cosmetic character outfit
  • Free Battle Pass each season
  • 1,000 V-Bucks per month

December’s exclusive cosmetic was a galaxy-style character named Galaxia. DC Comics superhero Green Arrow followed in January. Epic teased next month’s Fortnite Crew incentive in the same blog post, “We’re not quite ready to announce who’s in February’s Crew Pack just yet, but we can say it’s a new face from the world of Fortnite that players should look forward to!” The possibilities are endless.

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