How to Respec in Lies of P

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How to Respec in Lies of P

Can you respec in Lies of P? The answer is yes. In fact, as in all other games of the genre, Lies of P also gives players the opportunity to reset everything they have improved and start over from the beginning. But how is it done? How to respec in Lies of P? In this article, we will tell you in detail how this feature works which, however, it is good to point out right from the start that it is not present from the beginning of the game, but will become available once you have advanced into your adventure. Consequently, if you realize that you have done something wrong and want to retrace your steps, keep in mind that you cannot do it immediately, but you will have to wait for the right moment.

How to respec in Lies of P

As we have already mentioned, this feature is not present from the beginning of the game, but will be unlocked as soon as you interact with the Saintness of Mercy Statue found in the Grand Exhibition building. Once you reach this area and interact with the statue, during the seventh chapter of the game, you will have access to the possibility of respec in Lies of P, making sure to reset your level, the P-Organ upgrades, and the Legions Arms.

Keep in mind, however, that every time you decide to reset everything, you will have to spend a certain number of Gold Coin Fruit, which will increase every time you decide to reset something in a specific category. If you are new to Lies of P and don't know where to find this type of currency, don't worry. the Gold Coin Fruit can be obtained from a tree located outside Hotel Krat and you will have access to it once you have completed all the objectives in Malum District.

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How to reach the Saintness of Mercy Statue and unlock the respec feature

As previously mentioned, in order to have access to the respec option in Lies of P, you must interact with the Saintness of Mercy Statue. But how do you get there? First of all, once you arrive at the Grand Exihibition building you will have to go inside until you see an exihibit gondola. At this point, on your left, you will notice a door but it is closed and requires the Saintness of Mercy Statue Gallery Key to be unlocked.

What do you have to do to get this key? Simple, you will have to defeat the boss Champion Victor, which is the main boss of this area (so it is not a missable or optional boss). Once you manage to get the better of this boss, you will get the key that will allow you to open the aforementioned door and interact with the statue. Once this is done, the ability to respec will finally be unlocked.

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What happens if you reset your level, P-Organ, and Legion Arm?

If you decide to reset your level, all the Ergo used to improve yourself up to that point will be given to you again, so that it can be used for a second time. All your character's statistics will be reset to the default ones, i.e. those with which you start the game.

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This option is very useful if you realize, during the course of the game, that you have spent some Ergo on attributes that do not suit your way of playing and therefore you have the desire and need to spend the points into attributes that are best suited to you. Or, if you want to level more effectively and faster, as we have explained in this article, you need to focus on improving certain stats rather than others.

If, however, you decide to reset all the upgrades of your P-Organ, this will give you back all the Quartz you have used up to that moment. This feature can also be very useful, as you may realize that some perks are better than others and that the ones you focused on at the beginning of the game and decided to unlock are no longer so useful in the advanced stages of Lies of P. In this way, therefore, you will have the opportunity to organize your perks again so that they can match perfectly with your way of playing.

Finally, if you decide to reset the Legion Arm, you will regain all the Legion Caliber items you used to unlock the upgrades. Also in this case we find ourselves faced with a game mechanic that can be very useful in the last phases of the game, in such a way as to shift our attention to some upgrades rather than others, in order to make our character as useful as possible your needs.

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How to Respec in Lies of P
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