How to Fast Travel in Lies of P

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How to Fast Travel in Lies of P

Lies of P is a game with many secrets to discover and investigate, each of which is located in different areas of the game world. Since it is a game in which you can visit different areas, it is very likely that you are wondering how to fast travel in Lies of P. If so, don't worry: in this article, we will explain everything there is worth knowing about how to fast travel.

Lies of P fast travel explained

Lies of P is all in all a linear experience, but it is likely that you will need to move more quickly between the various areas that make up the game. For this reason, the developers wanted to introduce a fast travel mechanic. Lies of P fast travel becomes available relatively early, not long after you begin your adventure in this alternate version of the Pinocchio fairy tale. In fact, once you manage to get to Hotel Krat and after talking to Sophia, the game will unlock this feature for you. But how to fast travel in Lies of P?

Once you have unlocked this feature, you will have the ability to fast travel between two Stargazers (the equivalent of bonfires in other soulslike games) whenever you want. All you have to do is interact with one of the Stargazers and, at this point, a menu will open where you can choose your destination. We remind you that the Stargazers must be discovered and activated (just interact with them) once in order to be functional.

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However, in addition to this classic fast travel mechanic present in Lies or P, players also wanted to implement another game mechanic to be able to move more quickly between areas of the game world. In fact, you will have the possibility of fast travel at any moment of your adventure by making use of the item called Moonphase Pocket Watch. This item will be given to you automatically once you arrive at Hotel Krat and talk to Sophia (so it's the same process explained above).

The Moonphase Pocket Watch works, however, in a slightly different way than the Stargazers. In fact, if you decide to make use of this object, you will have two options to choose from: return to the Hotel Krat (which acts as a sort of hub of the game) or travel to the last Stargazer visited. Consequently, this method does not give you the possibility of choosing the area like the method explained previously, but it can be an excellent alternative to use in case you are venturing into too dangerous areas where your combat skills are still not good enough or are low on health.

Speaking of health, the thing that is essential to underline is the fact that traveling using the Stargazers will allow you to have your health at full again, but will also cause the enemies in that area to respawn again. Consequently, our advice is to decide carefully when it is time to use the Lies of P fast travel game mechanic, so as not to find yourself with areas that you had previously cleared with all the enemies to defeat again.

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Ultimately, we can say that both ways that Lies of P makes available to travel faster are useful, also based on the situations that meet your needs. While the use of Stargazers represents the classic fast travel mechanic present in other games of the genre (we remind you that they also act as checkpoints, so in case of death you will start again from the last Stargazer visited), that of the object is something that it can prove useful in certain circumstances, especially if we find ourselves in difficulty and need a quick and simple escape route.

how to fast travel in lies of p

How to Fast Travel in Lies of P
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