How To Release Captured Pals in Palworld

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How To Release Captured Pals in Palworld

This guide will show you how you can release captured Pals in Palworld

Palworld is the newest game that is causing an uproar in Steam at the moment. This mashup of Pokemon mixed with Fortnite is everything that people are talking about in the gaming community. That being said, there are numerous similarities between Pokemon and Palworld, like the fact that you capture curious looking critters and use them for combat purposes. But can you release them into the wild again like we can do in Pokemon? Well, yes and no. Let’s get into it.

Dropping Your Captured Pals in Palworld

So, the short answer is that there’s no way to release the Pals you captured in the game currently. But wait! Don’t close the page yet because there’s definitely a way to get rid of your pets, it’s just not in the way you’d expect.

How To Release Captured Pals in Palworld

Select the Pal that you want disposed of and put them into your party. Next, you’ll be able to see an option labeled ‘Drop Pal’ on the bottom left side of the Party menu, as shown in the image. This allows you to drop your critter into the open world, letting them sit there in their Pal Sphere eternally or until someone else simply picks them up. They’re not released into the wild like in Pokemon but this is the only option for now. Not to mention, this is perhaps the most ethically correct way of ‘releasing’ them in the list.

Selling your Captured Pals

So the next alternative is hosting a yard sale for your beloved Pals and capitalizing them by selling them to the Pal Merchant, located in the Small Settlement, west of the starting area of the game.

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How To Release Captured Pals in Palworld

Once you’re in the area, just head north from the fast travel spawn and turn right to the nearest shack to find the Pal Merchant. Not only can you buy a bunch of Pals from this guy, but you can sell any Pals that you have an abundance of, ones you don’t like, or ones that have bad passive skills. Just don’t pay any attention to the huge guillotine beside him. Pretty sure that’s just a family heirloom.

The Pal Distillation Pod

How To Release Captured Pals in Palworld

For the next alternative on the list, we have the Pal Distillation Pod. This is a machine that you can craft and keep in your home base, but you will need two ancient technology points to unlock it. Not to mention, crafting the machine itself requires materials like paldium fragments, ingots, and ancient civilization fragments.

The Distillation Pod allows you to mix the same species of Pals to make another one that’s better. You can use several at once, so if you have too many of one kind, this is a great way to dispose of them. It’s important to note that the number of Pals you need to upgrade from one level to another is quite expensive.

For example, to get a Pal from level 1 to level 2, you’ll need 16 identical Pals.

And to upgrade from level 2 to level 3, you’ll need 32 identical Pals.


How To Release Captured Pals in Palworld

Yes, you saw the heading correctly. The last way to get rid of your Pals is to straight up slaughter them. Last time I played Pokemon, I don’t think you were able to do that in the game. Either way, if you’re really desperate to get rid of some of your owned Pals, then you’ll have to craft the Meat Cleaver weapon.

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To do so, you’ll need two technology points to unlock the recipe and to actually craft the weapon, you’ll need x5 Ingots, x20 Wood, and x5 Stone.

Stone and Wood are relatively easy to gather, but to get the Ingots, you’ll have to unlock the Primitive Furnace, have a Kindling Pal present at the base, and ore to craft the ingots themselves.

Now, to actually use the Meat Cleaver, you’ll need to make sure it’s equipped from your inventory. Next, take the Pal you want to get rid of into your party, then let them out from their Pal Sphere. You can then go up to them, use the command wheel and select ‘Butcher’ (make sure the Cleaver is out for this to appear). A pixelated animation will occur and you’ll likely receive some kind of material from disposing of the Pal. But of course, you’ll lose plenty of sleep at night and a perfectly healthy Pal.

Well, there you have it, these are all the ways you can release your captured Pals. We don’t necessarily recommend doing any of these because Pals are simply much more useful alive than dead, but if your inventory is completely jammed or you just want to get rid of too many of the same Pals, then this guide will be here to help you out.

How To Release Captured Pals in Palworld
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