How To Quickly Earn Gold In Fortnite Season 6

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How To Quickly Earn Gold In Fortnite Season 6

ESTNN takes a look at various ways to earn gold in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.

Epic Games introduced the gold currency back in Season 5 and it has quickly risen in popularity among Fortnite players. The in-game currency has served as a great way to incentivize players to play aggressively in the matches. Unlike other resources in the game, the gold doesn’t reset after the match and carries over to the next matches in the game.

Last season’s bounty system allowed players to find enemies nearby and find action whenever they wished to fight in the game. After eliminating a player with a bounty, players are rewarded with a solid amount of gold. Players could spend in many ways to either upgrade weapons, hire NPCs and simply buy exotic weapons in the matches.

With Fortnite Season 6, the game added a few more options for the players to spend gold on items such as rifts, props and more. With so many ways of spending gold, it is only valid if we state a few ways to earn gold efficiently and quickly in the game.

Traditional Methods to earn gold

Fortnite players can always visit the former methods of earning gold by eliminating players, completing NPC quests, destroying structures inside houses and more to earn gold in the game. These methods are very slow and unpredictable in nature which might not be preferable for many players. Instead, players can opt for a very easy process of earning gold to buy those exotic weapons and reign supreme on the enemies.

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Newest Slurp Jonesy NCP technique

An in-game screenshot of Fortnite, where a player is standing in front of Slurp Jonesy with a selection wheel open at the bottom of the screen.

OrangeGuy has been a prime presenter of all the Fortnite glitches and exploits on his YouTube channel, which will probably get most of the players banned or send Epic Games scratching their heads on yet another glitch. However, in his newest video, he showcased an impeccable way to earn gold like never before. He emphasized the fact that performing this fast method won’t get players banned.

Moving onto the exploit, he urges the players to visit the Slurp Factory, which is a pretty good drop spot as the place guarantees full shields and health for the squads. After reaching the place, players need to visit the Slurp Jonesy NPC and get the first quest of destroying slurp barrels. Gamers won’t have to look too far as the barrels would be very near to the NPC. After completing the task, players need to take up another quest that requires them to reach 100 of both health and shield. Players can simply dip into the nearby slurpy waters or break the nearby Slurp barrels to complete this quest easily. If the players want to complete this quest even faster, he/she can use the pyramid builds to break barrels and heal themselves instantly.

If you haven’t done the maths yet, completing both the quests would earn the player around 320 gold in a couple of minutes and the player can quit the match and do it again to store more gold in the inventory. By using this method, players will fill up their 5k gold limit quota in no time and go on a spending spree with their hard-earned currency!

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