How to Protect Laura in Nobody Saves the World

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How to Protect Laura in Nobody Saves the World

In Nobody Saves the World, you will have to protect characters throughout your adventure, even at the beginning of your adventure. In fact, one of the first missions you will be asked to complete is called “Not Tomb Raider,” and you will have to protect Laura. In this article, therefore, we will explain how to protect Laura in Nobody Saves the World so that you can complete this mission. Although there is no real order to complete the missions, this is one of the first you will be able to complete, and, for this reason, it will not be so simple. For this reason, our advice can certainly be very useful to you.

How to Protect Laura Nobody Saves the World

The first thing we want to tell you is that, to protect Laura, the best form you can focus on is that of the Ranger. In fact, by doing so, you will have skills at your disposal that will be very useful during the four waves that separate you from completing the mission, such as Poison Tipped, Charged Arrow, and Arrow Flurry.

Wave 1

Once the first three enemies appear, shoot a Charged Arrow and aim for a second shot in Nobody Saves the World before they move past you. Then, face up and shoot more Charged Arrows at the enemies to defeat them quickly and protect Laura from taking too much damage. After dealing with those three enemies, go back to the upper-right corner and cast another of these attacks aimed to the right.

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Wave 2

In this second wave, you will see two bigger enemies appear, so the strategy to follow is to release a Charged Arrow as soon as the second one appears on the map. At this point, you will have to use an Arrow Flurry to poison the enemy in front, turn upward, and use another of these attacks on the third enemy that will just be spawned. Now, follow the third enemy and use a combination of your attacks to kill them and complete this second wave.

Wave 3

In this round, just like before, do the exact same thing: be prepared with a Charged Arrow to shoot the enemies showing up on the right side. Keep shooting those powerful Charged Arrows at them until both of those fire-breathing enemies are totally poisoned. Once that's done, switch back to using Charged Arrows to deal with the enemies who are now coming after Laura. Meanwhile, let the Poison keep working its magic on the ones hanging out in the background.

Wave 4

Once again, get ready with a Charged Arrow to shoot the enemies on the right. You can release two or three more of these attacks before Laura gets hurt. When Laura is hit, use Arrow Flurry to defeat the three enemies with tusks. After that, use Arrow Flurry and regular Charged Arrows to restore Mana as necessary and defeat the headless enemy. This way, you can progress in the Knight's Guild quest in Nobody Saves the World.

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How to Protect Laura in Nobody Saves the World

How to Protect Laura in Nobody Saves the World
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