How to Play Starfield Xbox One – Get Access on 2 Last Gen

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How to Play Starfield Xbox One – Get Access on 2 Last Gen

It might be coming to the latest consoles and PC, but what about Starfield Xbox One? This is how to play Starfield on Xbox One at launch.

Starfield is undeniably one of the biggest titles on Xbox coming this year. It’s the headline new RPG from Bethesda that looks to be one of their most ambitious titles of 2023 as a whole, even in a year that’s included Zelda and Baldur’s Gate 3. The game features a staggering amount of content and naturally seems better suited for the most up to date hardware, like modern PCs and Xbox Series X. Can you play Starfield on Xbox One though?

The game is actually available accross Xbox platforms, but with a few caveats. Starfield Xbox One isn’t a version you’ll see advertised. It isn’t natively supported on the older gen. However, thanks to Microsoft embracing a more open system for their games there are work arounds. You can make use of their cloud gaming services to get access to Xbox One Starfield in some ways. All you need is a decent internet connection and an openness to using a subscription service to play your games. Can you play Starfield on Xbox One on the original release date though?

Just because you haven’t made the upgrade yet, it doesn’t mean you’re locked out of one of the biggest releases of the year. You’ll have to make a few compromises, but there is something you can do to get access to Starfield on Xbox One.

Can You Play Starfield on Xbox One?

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Starfield is on Xbox One! However, there isn’t an actual Starfield Xbox One release. You can’t just pick up the game in an Xbox One case. Officially, the game isn’t even supported by the platform. Instead, you can use Starfield Cloud Streaming to play it on the platform.

The official release for Starfield is only Xbox Series X and S along with PC. You can’t get a disc for the game that plays on Xbox One. However, if you can use the Cloud Streaming option you’re going to be able to access the game on the platform anyway. You’ll need a separate subscription, but it’s still a pretty affordable way to try out a brand-new game.

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Cloud Streaming to Play Starfield on Xbox One

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Playing Starfield on Xbox One is down to using Xbox Cloud streaming. That essentially means that a pre-request for how to play Starfield on Xbox One is having a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This level of subscription gives you access to the cloud streaming service that Starfield will be included on. It also opens you up to play loads of the biggest Xbox games on any hardware too. It even supports mobile devices for some games.

This means you’ll be able to play Starfield on Xbox One on other devices through streaming. You’re not playing the game natively by installing it on your hardware, that wouldn’t work. However, you can stream the game to your device by having it run elsewhere. It’s similar to using cloud streaming to play desktop Fortnite on iOS. Although, in this sense, you’re streaming a current-gen game to a last gen console. Starfield Xbox One still isn’t running, you’re streaming a new gen version instead.

This method for using Starfield on Xbox One will mean that you need a stable internet connection. You’re not downloading the game and opening it like on other platforms. Instead, everything is down to your connection. If it’s smooth enough you should be able to get a good experience. Xbox Cloud Gaming is also a better service for live streaming games than a lot of its competitors, so you might be surprised by how well this version of the game can run! That’s roughly how to play Starfield on Xbox One.

To get access to Starfield on Xbox One, you need the ultimate tier of the game streaming service. This is the service that lets you stream new-gen console version of games to an older console., This tier would normally cost $16.99 a month. Although, first subscribers can get it for just $1 in their first month. If you can act particularly fast, this could be long enough to play the whole game. If you can’t do the subscription though, the answer to can you play Starfield on Xbox One is no.

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How to Play Starfield on Xbox One

Starfield Xbox One

If you want to get in on the fun of Starfield Xbox One without making the upgrade, it’s simple. This is how you can play Starfield on Xbox One right at Launch.

  • Wait until Launch Day (September 6)
  • Open Game Pass on Xbox One
  • Find Starfield
  • You should see an option to play via the Cloud
  • Select this Option
  • Open up Starfield and get ready to play!

That’s how you can play Starfield on Xbox One straight away. Since you’re also using Game Pass, you don’t have to worry about buying Starfield. If you’re concerned about the price of the subscription, a few months of this is still cheaper than buying the game new, so really it’s the cheapest option for playing the game as a whole.

Will Starfield Xbox One Run Well?

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That’s what you need to know about if you can play Starfield on Xbox One, but is it a decent performance? It really depends on your hardware and what you’re prepped for. The method for how to play Starfield on Xbox One Cloud Gaming might mean you’re partially at the mercy of your internet connection.

There are some steps you can take to make Starfield Xbox One better though. The first is to go with a wired internet connection. That’s going to help considerably. The next is to try and make sure your connection isn’t under too much stress when you play. Don’t download other games and generally do internet-intensive activities while you’re playing. Outside of that, it really just comes down to what kind of connection you’re receiving. Most players should be able to get a decent performance out of Starfield on Xbox One though.

How to Play Starfield Xbox One – Get Access on 2 Last Gen
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