How to Play Lords of the Fallen Early

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How to Play Lords of the Fallen Early

With the imminent arrival of Lords of the Fallen on the market, many have begun to wonder how to play Lords of the Fallen early.

Nowadays, in fact, most games, especially those with big budgets, allow players to have early access (usually 48-72 hours), for all those who decide to pre-order the game. Is this the same for Lords of the Fallen? In this article, we answer this question which appears to be one of the most asked by the community.

Early Access – How to Play Lords of the Fallen Early

Anyone who was planning to get their hands on Lords of the Fallen early will surely be displeased to know that the developers didn't decide to make use of this feature.

For this reason, if you were wondering how to play Lords of the Fallen early, we are sorry that you can't do it. It is not clear, at least at the moment, the reason why the developers did not want to take the path that is now taken by almost all development teams, especially for projects of this caliber.

However, pre-ordering the Deluxe or Collector's edition will give you the chance to access the Dark Crusader class from the start of the game. Otherwise, however, you will have to wait for the normal continuation of the story and you will not be able to use this class for a long time.

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For this reason, therefore, if you are interested in being able to start your adventure in Lords of the Fallen by making use of this class right away, you could still consider the idea of pre-ordering the game. If you don't know whether or not this class is right for you, we have compiled a list of the 10 Lords of the Fallen starting classes that you will have access to, so that you can have a greater general overview of the topic.

Ultimately, although the fact of not being able to play Lords of the Fallen in early access may disappoint some players.

Especially those who are trying to measure the time at their disposal with a dropper given that October is a month full of releases, even large ones caliber (as we have indicated in this article), the developers still wanted to encourage the sale via pre-order of the Deluxe and Collector's editions of the game by adding the possibility of having immediate access to the Dark Crusader class.

How to Play Lords of the Fallen Early

How to Play Lords of the Fallen Early
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