All the 10 Lords of the Fallen Starting Classes

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All the 10 Lords of the Fallen Starting Classes

Lords of the Fallen is a soulslike game arriving on October 13 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Sequel and reboot of the previous title of the same name released in 2014, which however did not arouse great success, Lords of the Fallen carries a great deal of weight on his shoulders and will have to be able to convince both critics and players. After having shown itself several times since its announcement, recently also with a video in which we can see a double boss fight, the developers have decided to release several details concerning the Lords of the Fallen starting classes that players will be able to select at the beginning of their adventure.

Lords of the Fallen classes explained

As usual, for games of this genre, choosing the right class for your way of playing is also of fundamental importance in Lords of the Fallen. For this reason, in this article, we have decided to enclose in one place all the information we have about the Lords of the Fallen starting classes.

Blackfeather Ranger

The Blackfeather Ranger is the class specialized in ranged combat, given that the weapon with which it is equipped is a bow with poisoned arrows. Of course, the bow isn't the only weapon this class possesses: when near enemies, it can make use of a small ax and a light shield, as well as medium armor, which they allow you to hit enemies and, at the same time, absorb a few blows before perishing at the hands of your opponents.

blackfeather ranger


Another of the Lords of the Fallen starting classes is the Condemned, which represents a man in which the signs of a long imprisonment are visible on them. For this reason, this class's weapon is a broken bucket, an object that kept him company in the cell. In addition, he also has stones in his arsenal that he can throw at enemies and light armor made up of bloody bandages and chains. Obviously, it is one of the most difficult classes to master and therefore not suitable for those who are not a veteran of the genre or for a first run, but at the same time, it is the one that guarantees more freedom for the construction of a build given its lower initial stats.

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Dark Crusader

The Dark Crusader will be available to anyone who pre-orders the Deluxe version of Lords of the Fallen and will become available to other players at a later date. This class is equipped with heavy armor and a broadsword, which allow him to be a warrior definitely aimed at the attack and who does not pay much attention to the defensive phase, since he does not have a shield. Furthermore, in his arsenal, there is also a catalyst that allows him to cast spells.

dark crusader

Exiled Stalker

The Exiled Stalker is the class that mirrors the assassin in other games. He is equipped with a pair of knives and medium armor that provides both protection and movement agility to make it easier to stab enemies from behind, after infusing his knives with poison to deal more damage. For enemies that are at a distance, this class is also equipped with some throwing knives. As stated by the developers themselves, this is a class not suitable for beginners due to its characteristics and is therefore not suitable for those who are new to this kind of game.

exiled stalker

Hallowed Knight

The Hollowed Knight represents the classic warrior in heavy armor who faces enemies with a sword and a shield. Furthermore, this class also has in its arsenal some grenades and a consumable to restore health, both two fundamental objects in such a game and which could come in more than useful in some circumstances, especially while facing the various boss fights present in the game.

hallowed knight

Mournstead Infantry

For any player who enjoys hand-to-hand combat but at the same time wants to keep their distance from enemies, the Mournstead Infantry is the ideal class to choose. This class, in fact, is equipped with a long spear and a small shield which does not guarantee a great defense, which however is compensated thanks to the help of heavy armor. In addition, this class also has a javelin kit and a healing consumable in its arsenal.

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mournstead infantry

Orian Preacher

Another of the Lords of the Fallen classes is the Orian Preacher, a cleric armed with a hammer and light shield who however is not equipped with any type of armor. The lack of armor, however, is compensated for by his specialization in spells, thanks to which he is able to heal himself and increase the damage inflicted on his opponents. For this reason, in fact, his arsenal also includes a spell to restore his health, a catalyst, and a stone to recover his mana.

orian preacher


The Partisan can be considered a sort of alternative version of the Hollowed Knight since he too is equipped with a shield and heavy armor. The real difference lies in the initial endowment. The Partisan has in its initial arsenal a flail and a crossbow, in addition to also having a special berry that allows you to restore stamina faster.


Pyric Cultist

The Pyric Cultist represents the classic pyromancer class. As such, this class specializes in the use of flame-based spells, allowing them to strike even enemies at range. In addition to the ability to cast these spells to inflict damage on their opponents, this class of Lords of the Fallen also has a special staff in its arsenal with which it can deliver the finishing blow or keep smaller and less strong enemies away. In addition, the Pyric Cultist also has medium armor, a fireball enchantment, a catalyst, and a mana restoration consumable.

pyric cultist

Udirangr Warwolf

The last of the Lords of the Fallen starting classes is the Udirangr Warwolf, inspired by Guts from Berserk. It is a mighty warrior who is equipped with a broadsword and a headdress made from a wolf who bases his entire attack strategy on heavy attacks that manage to stun the enemies. In addition to the longsword and medium armor, this class also possesses throwing axes and special salts that allow them to apply flames to the weapon's blade to inflict increased damage on their opponents.

udirangr warwolf

All the 10 Lords of the Fallen Starting Classes
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