Lords of the Fallen Boss Fight Gameplay

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Lords of the Fallen Boss Fight Gameplay

Lords of the Fallen continues to demonstrate its promise with a new video that focuses on challenging Lords of the Fallen boss fight gameplay after going bonkers with a lengthy gameplay video. Lords of the Fallen will undoubtedly be a game that can put players' nerves and talents to the test because it is a soulslike. The boss battles, of which we have a brief taste here, are of course the primary method through which the game will put us on the defensive.

Lords of the Fallen gameplay

The Lords of the Fallen double boss fight, which involves Tancred, the Master of Castigation, and Reinhold the Immured, two siblings connected by a “particular bond,” may be seen at the bottom of the news. Tancred, who resembles a powerful knight and holds a sort of war gallows and a shield in his right and left hands, will be our opponent in the first phase of the battle. Reinhold, who has more ferocious features and unpredictable movements than his brother, will be our opponent in the second.

Numerous intriguing gameplay-related elements are displayed in the Lords of the Fallen trailer. First of all, as we already know, we can see that this soulslike's fighting system is not primarily dependent on melee: the first blow of the fight is delivered by the player character with the aid of a little spear from a distance. We may expect a wide variety of spells and abilities that will allow us to battle from a safe distance while seamlessly transitioning between close-range and long-range strikes.

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As the fight goes on, we get to witness some of this Lords of the Fallen monster' offensive movements, but most importantly, we discover that it's possible to stun an opponent enough that you may parry his strike and still land a critical blow. Unfortunately, the conflict is intended to be a cinematic experience and is utterly devoid of a graphical user interface and information that would enable you to gauge the efficacy of this maneuver.

Additionally, we note that this foe can be parried. Since a previous video demonstrated how to parry a boss, could we infer that this type of maneuver is usable against all of Lords of the Fallen's bosses, or at least a large number of them? There are some assaults that can also be blocked without instantly permitting a counterattack; this suggests that the mechanics may be more complex than first thought.

As we proceed, we observe that if enough damage is dealt with, a second phase is triggered, revealing either how the two brothers coexist in the same body or that one of them serves as the armor that protects the other. The adversary then adopts a new appearance and makes new maneuvers, forcing the player to adjust his approach. Although the battle doesn't end in the Lords of the Fallen video, it does.

We will leave you to the vision, but let us just quickly remind you that Lords of the Fallen will be accessible on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S beginning October 13.

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Lords of the Fallen Boss Fight Gameplay
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