How to Play in Overwatch Champion Series 2024 New Qualifiers

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How to Play in Overwatch Champion Series 2024 New Qualifiers

Want to know how to play in Overwatch Champion Series? The new open format means anyone can get involved, this is how It works.

This year Overwatch is switching over to a brand-new competitive system. The Overwatch League is gone, and the Overwatch Champion Series is here. What’s maybe most exciting about the changes in that OW is becoming an open esports. Anyone can sign up and take part. That’s if you know how to play in the Overwatch Champion Series.

While the game has switched to an open form of esports, it hasn’t turned into a free-for-all. Players will still need to jump through a few hoops in signing up with the official organizers and planning out a team. These are the restrictions for how to play in OCS, and how your team can take part.

Who Can Play Overwatch Esports in 2024?

Overwatch Esports Ecosystem Update - The Overwatch Champions Series
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In the new open format for Overwatch esports, it’s a lot more democratic. Anyone can play in OWCS, provided they register their team and meet the requirements. The old system for franchised teams is gone. Although, we’ll likely still see some of the same OWL players performing under new teams. The new format run by FACEIT is divided into a few stages. The first are open qualifiers. This is the stage where anyone can get involved if they know how to play in Overwatch Champion Series.

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Through the open qualifiers, teams who perform well will move forward. This will give anyone who wants to take part a route into Overwatch esports. To make it to that level, you’re going to need the best skills in Overwatch though. Great map knowledge, synergy with your team, and the right tactics. It’ll be a difficult grind. That starts though, with signing up to play in OWCS.

How to Play in Overwatch Champion Series

How to play in Overwatch Champion Series

If you’re looking to play OWCS open qualifiers, you’ll have to make sure you’re signed up correctly. This is the full process for hopeful teams.

Registering for the Tournament to Play in OWCS

When you’re first getting involved, you’ll need to sign up as a team. This starts with creating a FACEIT account, who are organizing the new tournament. You’ll then need to connect your Battle Net account. That’s how you start, next, you’ll have to visit the organizers official registration page and fill in your details to play OWCS open qualifiers in March.

Registering a Team

How to play in Overwatch Champion Series
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If you’re looking at how to play in Overwatch Champion Series, you’ll need to already have a team organized. The game isn’t offering any system for players to get matched with others wanting to take part. This ensures everyone is taking things seriously. Your entire team must be signed up through FACEIT to get to this stage. Then, you’ll register on the official page. This includes basic details which should ensure you’re eligible to take part.

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There are some limitations on the teams involved too. You can only have a maximum of eight players signed up for a team. Everyone involved has to be over 17 years old too. You’ll be able to have a few subs this way, but that’s the maximum for your roster. It doesn’t matter about OW rank either. Ideally, everyone on your squad should be prepared to play in OWCS when sessions are running.

How Long Do You Have to Register to Play OWCS Open Qualifiers?

That’s how to play in OWSC, how long do you have to get prepared though? The registration cuts off on February 29. You’ll have to have your team locked in by then. Since there’s no in-game cut-off for rank though, it’s just a matter of filling out the sign-up form. Matches in this opening round start out the day after the cut-off. If you leave it late, it’ll mean less time to practise once your squad is locked in.

How to Play in Overwatch Champion Series 2024 New Qualifiers
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