How to Make a Lego Fortnite Monorail

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How to Make a Lego Fortnite Monorail

Since in Lego Fortnite you will have to explore many different biomes, having vehicles that are able to make you move faster is definitely something you should pay attention to. For this reason, in this article, we will explain how to build a Lego Fortnite Monorail so that you can cover long distances in a short time. Fortunately, building this means of transport is not very complicated, but there are some precautions that you must take into consideration if you want to succeed.

How to Create Lego Fortnite Monorail Tracks

After creating the tracks for your Monorail using the thin Wooden Floors, the next steps are important to make sure everything works smoothly. Once you have your materials ready, you'll want to climb up a tall mountain or build staircases going straight up into the sky. This helps you set up the tracks high above the ground so that your monorail won't face obstacles like trees or mountains. Making sure the tracks are high is crucial for a clear path for your monorail cart. If the tracks are too close to the ground, your cart might run into things, and we want to avoid that.

Now, if you're having trouble placing the Wooden Floors in a straight line, there's a helpful trick called snap-building mode. Turn this mode on, and it makes it easier to connect the pieces smoothly. This way, you can walk forward and keep adding the flooring without any issues. It's like snapping puzzle pieces together, making the process of building a Lego Fortnite Monorail simpler for you.

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Unfortunately, in Lego Fortnite, there's a rule that limits how many connected items you can place. This means there's a point where you can't add more Wooden Floors to your Monorail track. But don't worry, there's a way around this! To overcome this limit, you can make a Monorail Station in the middle of your track. This station acts like a stop where you leave one Monorail and hop onto another on a different track. Making a Monorail Station is simple. Just gather a lot of Wood or Granite because you'll be creating a floating platform in the sky. Build stairs that go just below the Monorail Track, and then make a big, flat area using flooring.

Lego Fortnite Monorail

It's important that this Monorail Station connects to the other part of the track. This connection resets the limit, letting you keep building your Railway. Lastly, add some extra stairs on the Monorail Station leading to boarding platforms. This way, you can easily jump onto another Monorail without needing a plunger. While building the Monorail Tracks and Stations, it's a good idea to have a glider equipped. Since your project is up high and has some tricky platforms, having a glider ready can save you if you accidentally slip and fall off.

After finishing your Monorail Stations and Tracks, it's time to make the vehicles that will move along these railways and take you where you want to go. To make a Monorail that actually works, you'll use items from the Toys section of the build catalog. These items are designed to move and interact with the environment. For clarity, these are the items that you will need to create a Lego Fortnite Monorail:

  • 1x Dynamic Foundation
  • 6x Small Wheels
  • 2x Large Thrusters
  • 1x Small Thruster
  • 1x Activation Switch
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Lego Fortnite Monorail

How to Make a Lego Fortnite Monorail
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