How to Get Plunder Fast in Plunderstorm

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How to Get Plunder Fast in Plunderstorm

Learn how to get Plunder fast in Plunderstorm to boost your Renown

World of Warcraft's new battle royale, Plunderstorm, lets you loot your way to awesome rewards! This guide will show you the fastest and most efficient strategies to stack Plunder and boost your Renown with Keg Leg's Crew. Unlock incredible loot like giant parrot mounts and Trader's Tender, a valuable new currency.

How to Get Plunder Fast in Plunderstorm

How to Get Plunder Fast in Plunderstorm
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In World of Warcraft's Plunderstorm, Plunder isn't just treasure – it's your key to fame! You can rack up Plunder by:

  • Defeating enemies: Send those pirates swimming with the fishes and watch the Plunder flow!
  • Looting shimmering chests: Keep your eyes peeled for these beacons of bounty.
  • Completing objectives: Show off your skills and earn extra Plunder for specific tasks.

While it might look like spendable cash, Plunder actually translates into Renown with Keg Leg's Crew at the end of each match. The higher your Renown, the sweeter the rewards you unlock!

Plunderstorm's Renown system works just like in Dragonflight. By collecting Plunder, you boost your reputation with Keg Leg's Crew. Each Renown level unlocks awesome rewards across WoW Classic, Dragonflight, and Plunderstorm itself!

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Best Ways to Earn Plunder

How to Get Plunder Fast in Plunderstorm

Ready to become a swashbuckling legend in Plunderstorm? This guide unveils the secrets to maximizing your Plunder and skyrocketing your Renown with Keg Leg's Crew. Get ready to unlock epic rewards faster than a pirate plundering a gold doubloon! Here the best tips to Plunder fast in Plunderstorm:

Complete the Captain’s Orders

Before you set sail and clash cutlasses, Plunderstorm throws you a Captain's Orders Quest. These are quick and easy tasks – perfect for even the greenest buccaneer! Completing a Captain's Orders nets you a cool 250 Plunder, making it a top priority at the start of every match. Landing, grabbing your Captain's Orders,dying and respawning is a pretty simple hack to boost your Plunder stock, but it does take away from the complete Plunderstorm experience.

Complete Daily Quest

Plunderstorm offers a special Daily Quest worth a whopping 800 Plunder. That's a daily dose of treasure to help you reach your piratey goals faster! Setting your sights on the majestic Royal Sefeather mount or a brand new transmog set? Regularly completing your Daily Quest is a smooth sail towards these epic rewards before Plunderstorm sets anchor for another adventure.

Beat As Many NPCs As You Can

While quests are a great way to jumpstart your Plunder pile, there's treasure to be found everywhere in Plunderstorm! Every defeated enemy coughs up some Plunder, so don't shy away from battles! AOE (Area of Effect) skills are your best friend here, letting you clear out groups of foes and maximize your Plunder haul.

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Landing on the outskirts can be a good starting point, as there are usually plenty of PvE (Player vs. Environment) enemies to fight. However, don't be afraid to explore! Stormgarde Keep might hold some hidden riches, and other players might not be expecting a daring pirate to show up.

Play Duos

Partner up with a fellow buccaneer and ye become a twosome of terror! Takin' down foes and gathering Plunder becomes a swifter task with a crewmate by yer side. Work together and that loot multiplies! Plus, you can revive each other if ye get into a scuffle with rival pirates. There's nothing like having a trusty shipmate watching yer back! So, Duos can be a pretty fun way of scoring Plunder fast in Plunderstorm.

Stay Away from PvP Fights

While the thrill of a good pirate brawl is undeniable, we don’t think it’s worth the effort in Plunderstorm. Even though it’s a Battle Royale, we believe PvP fights are not rewarding enough and you can put that time into better use pursuing other Plundering opportunities.

How to Get Plunder Fast in Plunderstorm
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