WoW Plunderstorm Patch 10.2.6 Items List

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WoW Plunderstorm Patch 10.2.6 Items List

Check out the full list of Wow Plunderstorm patch 10.2.6 items here

Gear up for Plunderstorm! WoW Patch 10.2.6 introduces a swashbuckling new combat style, and with it, a bounty of plunder to test your piratical prowess. Beyond the core abilities, consumable items like glue rockets and gravity guns offer a chance to round out your build and outwit your opponents. This guide will navigate you through the booty available in the Plunderstorm Patch 10.2.6 items list.

WoW Plunderstorm Patch 10.2.6 Items

WoW Plunderstorm Patch 10.2.6 Items List
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While upgradeable abilities offer lasting power, consumable items pack a one-time punch. Choose wisely, as you can only carry one into battle! Here’s a look at all the WoW Plunderstorm patch 10.2.6 items:

Barrel Roll


Turn the WoW Plunderstorm Patch 10.2.6 Items Listtide of battle with the Barrel Roll! This nifty trick lets you perform a lightning-fast roll, leaving enemies in the dust or closing the gap on unsuspecting foes with explosive speed. The barrel will explode when it bumps into other objects. It will roll effortlessly across water surfaces, so you can use it to cross water bodies.

Bottled Time

The Bottled Time consumable offers a tactical edge by enabling players to temporarily slow down the flow of time around them. This brief window can be used strategically to:

  • Dodge enemy abilities with heightened reflexes.
  • Assess the battlefield and formulate a winning strategy.
  • Perfect your aim and accuracy for devastating attacks.

Chicken Coup

WoW Plunderstorm Patch 10.2.6 Items List

Don't be fooled by the name, the Chicken Coup is a surprisingly effective tactical tool. This consumable item summons a squadron of feathery friends who create a delightful diversion for you to escape enemy attacks and ambushes.

Gnomish Gravity Launcher

Gain a bird's-eye view of the battlefield by jumping high with the Gnomish Gravity Launcher. Doing so will allow you to pinpoint enemy locations and launch aerial assaults.

WoW SoD Rogue Best in Slot

Goblin Glue Rockets

Goblin Glue Rockets explode on impact, covering enemies in a sticky adhesive. This glue has a debilitating effect, offering several tactical benefits:

  • Glued enemies are temporarily rendered immobile, creating a window for you to unleash a devastating attack or make a strategic retreat.
  • The application of glue can disrupt enemy abilities and prevent them from effectively casting spells or using specific attacks.
  • In chaotic team battles, use Glue Rockets to target multiple enemies and hinder their ability to coordinate or react swiftly.

Keg Leg's Cannonade

You can launch a barrage of cannonballs from above with the Keg Leg’s Cannonade. It inflicts heavy damage within a designated area, making it ideal for clearing out clusters of enemies or taking down heavily fortified positions.

Mechano Hog

WoW Plunderstorm Patch 10.2.6 Items List

Summon the two-seater Mechano-Hog for a thrilling ride in style! This vehicle is equipped with a speed boost for an extra adrenaline rush. However, exercise caution with the self-destruct button to avoid any unintended consequences. You will find these to be one of the most useful WoW Plunderstorm Patch 10.2.6 items.

Parrot Snacks

A parrot might not appear to be the most fearsome backup to call in a battle, but this item won’t disappoint you! The parrot fires guano blasts at nearby enemies, aiming to slow their movement and disrupt their focus. This can create opportunities for you to gain the upper hand or make a strategic retreat.

Rigged Chest

This seemingly ordinary treasure chest harbors a cunning secret – a cleverly disguised bomb! The Rigged Chest is a consumable item that can be used to set a trap for unsuspecting enemies.

Smoke Bomb

The Smoke Bomb is a consumable item that shrouds your location in a dense cloud of smoke, offering a valuable tactical advantage.

Stormproof Sloop

WoW Plunderstorm Patch 10.2.6 Items List

The Stormproof Sloop protects you from the first instance of damage you receive, providing valuable protection against enemy attacks or powerful abilities. It will also grant you the ability to weather the fury of a storm, as the name implies.

Strange Snowman

The Strange Snowman can create icy patches over a wide area. These icy patches cause enemy pirates to experience slippery movement, hindering their mobility within the affected area. Notably, the caster and their allies remain unaffected by the icy terrain, allowing for strategic advantage during battles.

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The Ambush

This clever consumable transforms you and any nearby allies into seemingly ordinary bushes. As a result, the enemy will be unaware of your presence and you will be able to catch them off-guard.

Pickups and Their Effects

Pickups likely don't have corresponding WoW Plunderstorm Patch 10.2.6 items because they're scattered throughout the map and instantly consumed upon use. This is similar to how power-ups function in other battle royales. These pickups wield considerable influence on gameplay, giving players some great advantages right away. Here are the perks you can expect from Plunderstorm pickups:

  • Heal up in the heat of battle or recover from skirmishes with health-restoring pickups.
  • Boost your progress towards the next level with experience-granting pickups, giving you an edge in acquiring powerful abilities.
  • Unlock temporary enhancements like increased speed, damage output, or defensive capabilities, allowing you to dominate the competition.
  • Some pickups might even offer temporary weapon or ability upgrades, shifting the tide of battle in your favor.

Let's check out a few and see what they do:



Bandage, Med Kit, Shield Potion, Primordial Bandage Scrap

Absorb & Healing

Urn of Knowledge, Deoxygenated Experience

Experience & Levels

Gold Ore Nugget, Misplaced Coin Pouch, Prismatic Punch Card

Gold & Vendor

Offensive Alacrity Capsule, Purifying Potion, Ludicrous Speed Potion

Temporary Buffs

Darkmoon Dice, Tome of Power


Unknown Effects

Plunderstorm continues to be a treasure trove of hidden effects, with players uncovering cryptic clues and secret spells. Here are some unknown Plunderstorm effects:

  • Greater Mrgrglhjorn
  • Gust of Wind
  • Jump Pad
  • Keys to the Gyrochoppa
  • Mass Polymorph
  • Plenary Transposition Drive
  • Spyglass
  • Summon Portal
  • Swarthy Warning Sign
  • Tinderbox

We are not sure about the full capability of these effects, yet. That said, we are sure we will unravel their mysteries over the coming days. As of now, they don’t seem to be linked with WoW Plunderstorm Patch 10.2.6 items, but we will know for sure later.

WoW Plunderstorm Patch 10.2.6 Items List
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