How To Get Palia Coins And How Best to Use Them

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How To Get Palia Coins And How Best to Use Them

If you are unsure how to get Palia coins and how to best use them, we are about to reveal all the answers. Join us to learn everything. 

Whether you want to get a Palia pet or purchase something else, you will need to have Palia coins. This is one of the MMOs where you can actually pay real money to get coins and use the latter for different things. The in-game currency will allow you to get different things. 

Naturally, some people are confused and want to know if there are Palia coins free and what they need to do to get them. They also want to know how to use these coins in Palia, so let’s dive in.

How to get Palia Coins?

To get Palia coins, you will have to purchase them with real money. If you take a look at the Palia coins buy options, you will see that you’ll get a different amount of the premium currency, depending on how much you deposit. Regarding how to get it, you must:

  • Login to the game and press “I”.
  • After the inventory shows up, find the “Premium Store” option. 
  • Access it and then look for the “+” sign, which should be in the upper-right corner.
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Aside from these steps, you can also get the Palia Coins code by going to the Jel’s Shop. The latter is located inside the Kilima village. Once you go there, press “F” to interact with the cashier, and you will see the Premium Store.

Palia Coins Price

How To Get Palia Coins And How Best to Use Them

Before looking for a Palia Coins discount, you must know more about the price. From what we have seen, here is how much you can get:

  • $4.99 – 425 Palia Coins
  • $8.49 – 850 Palia Coins
  • $16.49 – 1700 Palia Coins
  • $32.49 – 3400 Palia Coins
  • $47.49 – 5100 Palia Coins
  • $99.99 – 11050 Palia Coins

Once you select the amount you desire for coins in Palia, you will have to enter your payment details. Following the payment, you should see the coins in your account right away. However, some people have complained that the Palia Coins are not showing an error. If that’s the case, you must restart the game. If that does not fix it, you may need to wait for up to 30 minutes for the coins to show up.

How to use your Palia Coins?

Before you check for a Palia Coins quest, you need to know how to use this in-game premium currency. Considering this is a free-to-play game, you must know that you can’t use your coins to get any in-game advantage. In other words, these coins are only used to get different cosmetic items.

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To see what’s available, go to Palia and press “P”. Once in the store, go to the golden box, where you can check all of the cosmetic items that you can purchase using Palia Coins.

Once the game is out of beta, which should happen really soon, we expect to have a lot of additional options on which we can use our Palia coins. Furthermore, we would not be surprised if there is a special Palia Coins quest. We may even have special events that will let us get coins for free. Make sure to follow us for more information. 

How To Get Palia Coins And How Best to Use Them
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