How to Get Overkill in MW3: Explained

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How to Get Overkill in MW3: Explained

With the official arrival of COD: Modern Warfare 3 on the market, many have started wondering how to get Overkill in MW3, especially due to the fact that the perk system of the new game in the series has undergone changes (similar to what happened for aim), and the quirks are now divided into several categories that include boots, gloves, gear, and vests. In this regard, the skills have also undergone changes and it seems that they are now not available, although there is a method to obtain them. In this article, therefore, we will explain how to get Overkill in MW3.

How to get Overkill in MW3

Overkill is the ability that allows you to carry two main weapons at the same time, as all veterans of the series will surely know. Since there has been a change in the perk system in Modern Warfare, it is no longer possible to obtain Overkill in the traditional way, but you will have to adopt another strategy. In this case, you will have to equip the Gunner vest, which you can unlock by reaching level 20. This is certainly a particular choice made by the development team, also because it is not mentioned anywhere how to get Overkill in MW3.

However, in this regard, the only real obstacle to obtaining Overkill is to first reach level 20. Certainly not very fast, but there are still some tricks that you can use to level up in a way faster, such as completing daily missions. However, once you have reached the necessary level, you will notice that the game will give you the possibility to put a second primary weapon in your loadout, which you will need to unlock Overkill.

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how to get overkill in mw3

How to Get Overkill in MW3: Explained
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