How to Get Operator Assault Kills in Call of Duty: MW3

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How to Get Operator Assault Kills in Call of Duty: MW3

Here is a guide on how to get Operator Assault kills in Call of Duty: MW3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has seen many shortcomings after its recent release. Players have displayed their distaste toward the numerous issues that plague the game. From bugs that make multiplayer unplayable to a lackluster campaign with a short and poor story, players have faced issues while trying to enjoy the game on numerous levels. One of the newer problems the community members have noticed recently involves the Daily and Weekly challenges.

MW3 doesn’t really explain the challenge and what is needed to complete it. The specific details aren’t provided, leaving the players to figure it out independently. One of the challenges is Operator Assault Kills, which is very vague and most of the players have no idea what it means. Because of this lack of detail, players are unable to complete their challenges as they don’t even know what it means.

So let's take a look at what Operator Assault Kills are and how to get them.

What are Operator Assault Kills

Operator Assault Kills are the kills on an enemy trying to defend an objective in objective-based game modes. Yes, it's that simple.

After some considerable research, we were able to figure out what it is and were able to figure out that players only need to play in objective game modes. Operator means other players and to have a separation between human-controlled characters and AI bots. The Assault term means to attack, which defines attacking the defenders who are protecting an objective. So in a nutshell, kills players who are defending or playing on an objective, such as defending a flag in Domination.

How to get Operator Assault Kills

Considering the terms Assault and Operator, it means that your objective is attacking or trying to reach a point and the operator who is your opponent has an objective of trying to stop you or defend a point from you.

So playing game modes like Hardpoint should help in completing the challenge. Killing players near or right on the objective while trying to capture it helps in completing the challenge. The challenge should be complete in a few games.

How to Get Operator Assault Kills in Call of Duty: MW3

In the case of game modes like TDM, where there are no objectives, it is pretty much impossible to complete this challenge. Since there is no assault in the match, just a random killing frenzy, there are no points or objectives to attack or defend, the challenge won’t have any progress.

So just play a few games of Control, Domination, or Hardpoint and look out for enemies around the objective. The challenge should be completed very soon. Hardpoint is likely the ideal game mode for this. Since the game mode is decently compact and the objective is constantly contested, almost every kill should count towards the Operator Assault Kills challenge.

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How to Get Operator Assault Kills in Call of Duty: MW3
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