Spawn Issues Cause Numerous Maps To Be Temporarily Removed From Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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Spawn Issues Cause Numerous Maps To Be Temporarily Removed From Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

The recently launched edition of the Call of Duty franchise has had some maps removed due to player spawn issues.

Activision’s release of Modern Warfare 3 had quite a rough start. Negative reviews regarding the campaign have been seen all over the internet as CoD cuts down on the length of the story. Players have also shared their disappointment about the multiplayer as several bugs have been seen while playing alongside an unpleasing UI. In brief, the game is not living up to the $70 price tag and the standards of previous CoD games.

During the pre-release, Activision tried to win back the fan base by offering nostalgia by adding revamped versions of the previous fan-favorite maps. However, the high number of bugs and rushed programs caused the players to experience some issues regarding the spawn of some of these maps. This prompted Activision to pull those maps out of the game for a fix.

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The Spawn Issue In CoD Modern Warfare 3

On 9 November, players of the game complained to Activision about a bug that was affecting the game. Essentially this bug caused an issue where players were put in an unfavorable spawn location. Clips circulated on X/Twitter about the issue and the fan base was understandably upset.

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The victims of the bug said that the issue “caused a player to spawn alongside enemies.” If you’ve ever played any sort of FPS game, it's not hard to understand how that may put certain players at a disadvantage and ruin the game experience.

Activision pulled down certain maps after a while with the promise to put them back in the game after the issue is resolved.

Spawn Issues Cause Numerous Maps To Be Temporarily Removed From Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Credits: Twitter/X

Maps Affected By The Spawn Issue

The bug that caused the player spawn issue seemed to have affected multiple maps across numerous game modes. These include as following:

  • Quarry
  • Scrapyard
  • Rundown
  • Karachi
  • Rust

These maps include game modes like Hardpoint and the Cutthroat Playlist by Activision. From the clips released by players, the chaos and constant gun-fights seem to be adding to the claustrophobic layouts of maps like Quarry and Rust.

cod mw3 2

Credits: Twitter/X

Activision’s Response

The developers have removed all the maps after receiving all the complaints from the player base regarding these issues. They have announced on the MWIII Updates Twitter/X account that these issues are under investigation. Activision continued their attempts to resolve the issue by removing Karachi the next day as it was showing similar problems.

Activision added some updates in the following days by reducing the delay to tactical sprint after a slide to a noticeable extent. The patches continued as another update completely removed pinging in Search and Destroy matches as they suspected that it was being used as an exploit.

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