How to Get More Staff Permits in War Hospital

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How to Get More Staff Permits in War Hospital

In War Hospital, in addition to having the possibility of creating supplies thanks to Military Drafts, you will also have the possibility of obtaining more personnel thanks to Staff Permits. In this article, therefore, I will explain everything you need to know about this particular game mechanic, which, we anticipate, is certainly an excellent addition to the gameplay. However, don't expect it to be easy to manage; on the contrary. But let's proceed step by step.

How to Get More Staff Permits in War Hospital

The first thing to know is that Staff Permits in War Hospital are very rare and, to make things even more difficult, they are the only thing you can't get in the course of a simple game. In fact, none of the missions you will have to complete will provide you with a Staff Permit as a reward. So, how do you go about getting them? You will need to complete specific requests via command.

These requests can be very varied in their kind, but in any case, they will all have what you are looking for as a reward. Sometimes you will have to send a number of soldiers to the headquarters or, other times, instead, you will have to let them borrow some of your staff to provide more assistance to patients who need it. We remind you that the game is set towards the end of the First World War, so the wounded and people to help abound.

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In any case, once you have managed to complete these particular requests, you will be rewarded with Staff Permits. We underline this once again because it is truly of great importance that it is information that you assimilate well; this is the only way to obtain it and therefore to be able to hire engineers, doctors, nurses, and scouts. You will not have any other type of method available, so keep this in mind and plan your strategy as best as possible.

So, the purpose of having these Staff Permits in War Hospital is to be able to recruit new staff who can help you with the different tasks that need to be performed in a hospital during a world war. Obviously, in order to hire new staff, you will need to be able to accommodate them; if this is not the case, you will not be able to add anyone else to your staff. If you need more space, you will need to expand the right buildings.

  • Surgeon: 4 Staff Permits (Operating Ward)
  • Trauma Specialist: 4 Staff Permits (Trauma World)
  • Physician: 4 Staff Permits (Chemical Ward)
  • Medic Team: 1 Staff Permit (Medic Housing)
  • Nurse: 3 Staff Permits (Nurse Housing)
  • Engineer: 2 Staff Permits (Engineer Housing)
  • Scout: 1 Staff Permit (Scout Tent)

Staff Permits in War Hospital

How to Get More Staff Permits in War Hospital
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