How to Get More Military Drafts in War Hospital

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How to Get More Military Drafts in War Hospital

In War Hospital, having supplies, medicines, or food rations available is absolutely not easy. The war is decimating people and communications are not working as they should. For this reason, the game gives you the possibility of producing your own supplies once you have expanded the hospital. However, this will not be enough for survival. In fact, you will have to ask the headquarters for help obtaining supplies to run your hospital. For this reason, you will need to refer to the Military Drafts. In this article, we will explain everything about it, so that you do not have any doubts.

How to Get More Military Drafts in War Hospital

Military Drafts are used to get you all sorts of materials you need, including medicine and building materials. Don't think that you don't need them and that you can continue playing without using them, as this is absolutely not the case. Why? We explain it to you in as much detail as possible in this article.

The first thing to know is how to get them. Military Drafts are issued to you by sending soldiers back to headquarters once they have finished their rehabilitation process at the Rehabilitation Center. Obviously, it goes without saying that by doing so, they will no longer be able to defend your hospital when it is attacked but will be used to fortify other positions on the front, which still require capable soldiers to avoid falling victim to the enemies.

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For this reason, we advise you against sending back soldiers who provide you with only one Military Draft, as the game is not worth the risk. They will be much more useful to the hospital in defending it. On the contrary, however, the ones that will guarantee you the most Military Drafts are the ones you will have to send back. Obviously, this applies in normal conditions but if you are in need and also need a single Military Draft, then do not use this strategy. However, we repeat: do this only if you have no other choice.

Finally, a few words regarding the use of Military Drafts in War Hospital. Although you may be eager to use them right away, we strongly advise you against doing so. In chapters two and three of the game, there will be some events that you will absolutely have to take into consideration regarding this aspect, so wait to use them and do it when it is really necessary. In fact, our advice is to use them for big projects rather than for small things; as well as keeping a couple of them for use in case of emergency.

Military Drafts in War Hospital

How to Get More Military Drafts in War Hospital
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