How to Craft Medicine, Rations, and More in War Hospital

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How to Craft Medicine, Rations, and More in War Hospital

War Hospital puts us in the shoes of a field doctor and our task is to manage it as best as possible in order to help all the war wounded. For this reason, in addition to paying attention to supplies that can be sent via trains, it is also important that you learn crafting. In fact, craft medicine, rations, and more are of vital importance to being able to carry on the management of the hospital. However, it certainly won't be easy, given the historical moment. You will have to take into account several things that can slow down the process. Anyway, in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about crafting in War Hospital.

How to Craft Medicine in War Hospital

The first step to take in order to be able to craft medicine in War Hospital is to build the Pharmacy. You won't have to do who knows what; just continue the game (not too much) and you can build a Pharmacy. Once this is done, you can assign the engineers to work there to create the medicines that the doctors in your hospital will use to treat the sick and injured. However, at the beginning, you will only be able to craft Surgical Supplies, but as you upgrade the structure you will also be able to produce Chemical Medicines and Trauma Medicines.

Obviously, to create each type of medicine, you will need some materials that you will have to have in your inventory, without which you will not be able to proceed. Below, we indicate the materials to use for each individual medicine:

  • Surgical Supplies: 2 drafts for 5 supplies
  • Chemical Medicine: 3 drafts for 5 chemicals
  • Trauma Medicine: 3 drafts for 5 meds
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Another thing to keep in mind is that each engineer can only produce one type of medicine at a time; consequently, if you use more engineers to produce different types of medicines you will greatly reduce production times. This is a strategy that you should use from the beginning, in order to optimize the times as much as possible, in a game like this it is certainly the best thing to do.

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How to Craft Rations and Alcohol in War Hospital

War Hospital gives you the possibility to craft other resources in addition to medicines, namely rations and alcohol. First of all, you will need to be in possession of the Engineering Station which, in addition to allowing you to upgrade your hospital, also allows you to create very useful supplies. In fact, as you progress through the game, you will have the possibility of adding a Watermill and a Distillery to be able to produce Food Rations and Alcohol respectively. Below are the necessary requirements:

  • Food Rations: 1 draft for 20 rations
  • Alcohol: 1 draft for 10 alcohol

Food Rations will be essential to provide meals both to your staff and to refugees seeking asylum in your hospital. For this reason, every day, all your staff members will go to the Canteen at one of the three meal times to get their ration. Luckily, you can track your food consumption and meal times by clicking on the building. This is a very important thing to keep tabs on your staff members.

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In fact, if someone tries to eat but there are no more Food Rations, he will enter the Hungry state. Obviously, since they will be starving, they will work less effectively and tire more easily, so your goal is to avoid this situation. Things can even get worse because, if a character with the Hungry state tries to eat, he will enter the Starving state, which will make the previous penalties even worse. If they try to eat again, they will die.

In case you are short of Food Rations, you can create a rationating program. In this case, you can create Half Rations which however will lower the character's morale every time he eats. Furthermore, you can also create Nutritious Rations once they become available in order to give extra food and alcohol to boost the morale of your staff. In short, you have maximum freedom to best manage the food issue.

Finally, let's say a few words about Alcohol. It is mainly used for crafting but, despite this, it is quite cheap to order from the train station. Alternatively, you can also request it at headquarters and it will allow you to obtain extra Staff Permits to recruit new recruits to your hospital. Trust me, you will definitely need it as you progress through the game.

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How to Craft Medicine, Rations, and More in War Hospital
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