How to Get Howler Claws in Fortnite – All 7 Alteration Alter Locations

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How to Get Howler Claws in Fortnite – All 7 Alteration Alter Locations

This is where you can find all Alteration Altar locations and get Hunter claws in Fortnite every game.

Fortnitemares has hit with the V22.20 update and all over the island, there’s spooky stuff going on. There are zombies roaming around, pumpkin launchers, a new boss, and you can get Howler Claws. These are brand-new mechanics and mythic for Fortnite this season. It’s an item that gives you a new attack and a vital intel tool that could change the way that you play. It’s relatively simple to get Howler Claws in Fortnite too.

These claws are a mythic in the game, but not a super limited one like those dropped by bosses. These are closer to the mythics that were in the Marvel drones in Chapter 2. These are Mythic weapons that all players can collect in-game, not limited to one. That means a lot of players are going to have them and you might be at a disadvantage if you don’t get Howler Claws.

Some of the features once you get Howler Claws are arguably one of the best powers added to Fortnite. You’re getting a reusable recon scanner, alongside an actual attack. That can be invaluable. When you combine that kind of intel with the Fortnite weapons this season, you can one-shot players who think they’re safely hidden in bushes with this item.

Getting the Howler Claws in Fortnite takes a few steps. Outside of heading to the right spot, there’s a little ceremony you have to pull off if you want to obtain the powers of a wolf. That's after you find one of the alteration altar locations. However, once you’ve learnt the system to get the Howler Claws in Fortnite it’s really easy to grab them each game! This is how you can do it:

How to Get Howler Claws in Fortnite

The Howler Claws are based around some of the map features brought in for Fortnitemares. The quickest way to grab some is to head to the Reality Tree. That’s where a werewolf is currently holding a 24/7 disco. However, you can find them elsewhere too. You’re looking for Alteration Altars.

This is how to get Howler Claws in Fortnite:

  • Find one of the Alteration Altar locations
  • Perform the Ritual Emote
  • Wait for Claws

That’s pretty simple. However, getting the emote and finding an altar itself might take a few steps for some people. This is each of the Alteration Altar locations, and how to get Howler Claws from them.

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How to Get the Ritual Emote to Get Howler Claws in Fortnite

Get Howler Claws in Fortnite - Ritual Emote

The Ritual Emote is the first step to transforming into a Wolf in Fortnite. You’ll have to unlock this at some point during the event if you want to make use of the altars regularly. However, you don’t need to get a specific item that goes in your locker. The emote is only useable around an Altar.

When you interact with an Altar, you have the option of performing the emote. You can’t do the dance outside of this process. The easiest place to do it first is the Reality Tree.

Get Howler Claws in Fortnite - Ritual EmoteThis is all fairly simple, but you’ll have to stay safe too. Reality Tree is a hot drop right now along with the manor where you get the Inquisitor’s Mythic SMG. You might have to fight a few players off once you land here. However, there are a few good Fortnite landing spots around here that you can target first. Landing at the petrol station or chrome house between the tree and Tiler. Or the normal houses above the falls. These spots let you loot up a little before you can head in to get the wolf form.

Where to Find Alteration Altars

Get Howler Claws in Fortnite - All Altar Locations

You can utilise the emote at just about any of the Alteration Altars in the game. This is a nice feature since you won’t have to land at the very busy Reality Tree to get access to the Wolf every game. You can still take your pick of landing zone and avoid getting caught up in DJ Lyrca’s party every game.

This is where you can find all of the Alteration Alters in-game:

  • Chrome Junction
  • Above Shiny Sound
  • Lustrous Lagoon
  • Below Shimmering Shrine
  • Cloudy Condos
  • Flutterbarn
  • Reality Tree

Each of these locations contains an Altar where you can start the transformation to get Hunter’s Claws in Fortnite. They are most dense around the Reality Tree itself. However, you can still find one out of all alteration alter locations elsewhere in the map.

Get Howler Claws in Fortnite - Ritual EmoteIt's worth keeping in mind that the emote has a brief animation. You’re a sitting duck. It also projects an image of you dancing with a wolf in the sky, so you’re kind of hard to miss. Make sure you are safe before launching into it. With the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 weapons being so tuned to one-shot kills and headshots, it’s easy to pick players off while they’re doing this.

What Do the Howler Claws Do?

Fortnite V22.20 Update - Hunters Claws

Once you get the Howler Claws in Fortnite you’ll immediately notice the transformation. With them equipped, you’re wearing bigger wolf-like claws. However, one change that happens as soon as you pick it up is that you get a Wolf’s Head. This marks you out as a user with the ability to anyone that sees you. This might mess with your proportions a bit, and it can’t be turned off by switching to another item.

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The transformation with the wolf's head has some unique interactions. With some skins, certain emotes are disabled. Such as the Dragon Ball skins, that can’t transform with the wolf form attached. You also stand out quite a bit. The wolf's heads aren't small.

The Hunter’s Claws also give you access to two unique attacks. These are Wolfscent ability, and the claw attack. We’ll cover each of these in more detail below.

How to Use the Howler Claws

Get Howler Claws in Fortnite - Wolfscent

The claws have two main abilities. It only takes up one item slot though. The control scheme, once you get the Hunter’s Claws in Fortnite, is a bit different. This is how each of them works once you get Howler Claws in Fortnite: 

Wolfscent Ability

You can use Wolfscent ability by holding the ADS button, depending on your control scheme.

This ability acts as a kind of reusable recon scanner. When you activate it, you enter into a short animation of you howling. This makes a noise, has lights, it generally pulls a lot of attention towards you. It’s hard to miss. It even has a unique wolf icon in the visual sound effects. However, once the animation is done you’re getting a decent bonus here.

The Wolfscent ability will scan the surrounding area and mark out where enemies are. You’ll see enemies represented as a pinkish blob. This will display through walls, terrain, and most things. You can track players even while they’re behind cover and get an exact read-out on their location. This is the main reason to get Howler Claws in Fortnite for each game.

This should let players get some easy kills in on opponents in the surrounding area. The effect doesn’t last too long, but long enough to act. The cooldown is around 20 seconds.

Claws Attack

Fortnite V22.20 Update - Hunters Claws

The Hunters claw attacks are the secondary part of this item. These allow you to fire off numerous attacks in a melee fashion. You strike in front of you with a wide hitbox. You can also jump slash for a kind of double jump. This might not hit as hard as a shotgun, but it beats a pickaxe in most fights!

That’s everything you need to get Howler Claws in Fortnite. These are some of the most fun items added into Fortnite for a long time. Alongside the launcher getting re-added and the new Mythic SMG, this update is making Fortnite a must-play right now.

How to Get Howler Claws in Fortnite – All 7 Alteration Alter Locations
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