How to Get Fierce Deity Set in TOTK – All 4 Pieces

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How to Get Fierce Deity Set in TOTK – All 4 Pieces

This is how you can track down the Fierce Deity Set in TOTK, including the new Fierce Deity Sword for Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom has loads of cool armor you can try out. There’s unique new clothing you can use that, with cool effects that make getting around Hyrule easier. There are also classic Link outfits in Tears of the Kingdom though. If you want to try and capture a bit of nostalgia or just return to a more familiar look for Hyrule’s hero, then you can get Fierce Deity set in TOTK.

The Fierce Deity Link outfit is up there as one of Link’s coolest looks through the years. The outfit appeared in Majora’s Mask, where it served as a reward for getting every single mask in the game. It’s a little easier to get Fierce Deity Link in Tears of the Kingdom, but you’ll still need to hunt down items and even take on a boss fight.

While a lot of the game is focused on the crazy builds in TOTK, looking good along the way is important too! Out of all Zelda games, Majora’s Mask holds a special place. The Fierce Deity Armor is pretty unique, and it’s a big part of one of Link’s coolest moments, turning a boss fight into a curb stomp. Getting Fierce Deity set in TOTK won’t guarantee you that kind of power, but it’s definitely a fun look. This guide will cover how you can track it down across Hyrule.

How to Get the Fierce Deity Set in TOTK

Tears of the Kingdom has brought back a lot of classic Zelda looks. You can pick up the Ocarina of Time outfit in Tears, a classic Link outfit, or even a bizarre Link’s Awakening remake-themed set. Fierce Deity Link is unlockable in much the same way.

Nintendo has pivoted from locking the coolest Zelda content behind to amiibos, to putting them in-game as a more rewarding prize. You can now get the Fierce Deity set in TOTK by going on a hunt through the game’s map. This is all part of the Misko’s Treasure side quest.


Misko was an avid follower of fashion, who hid his clothing collection across Hyrule. A few treasure hunters will turn you onto Misko’s hoarded loot, but tracking it all down is going to be a bit more difficult. The Fierce Deity questline in TOTK is split into a few parts. First, you’ll need to start the larger Misko’s Treasure sidequest. Then track down all three pieces of the amor. There’s an extra piece to this quest though, getting the Fierce Deity Sword. This isn’t a simple one-chest job like finding Majora’s Mask in TOTK!

Getting the Fierce Deity set in TOTK won’t just yield cosmetic changes though, there’s actually a bonus effect for players wearing the armor.

What Does the Fierce Deity Armor Do?

The Fierce Deity set in TOTK has a special effect when being worn. It’ll increase your attack output. Similar to specialist dishes which can buff your stats, you’ll have an easier time fighting wearing the armor. This is perfect if you’re yet to track down the Master Sword in TOTK and are still relying on whatever weapons you can find.

How to Get the Fierce Deity Set in TOTK – Starting Misko’s Treasure

Your first stop to unlock the Fierce Deity outfit in Tears of the Kingdom is to start Misko’s treasure. This has a similar beginning to a lot of side quests, running into some of the travellers out in Hyrule. Specifically, you’ll need to head to a cave that’s on the western side of Cephla Lake.

There are two travellers by a campfire outside. They’re pretty worked up about getting treasure in the cave, but there are just too many chests for them to manage. They’ll basically explain how to track down the real chest though. If you feed the dog a few apples, it’ll head in and show you the correct chest. Inside are the Ember Trousers, but also a note.

This note will reveal the backstory behind Misko. It doesn’t quite explain how he came to possess armor resembling some mythically powered-up Link from Majora’s Mask’s alternative dimension. However, it does start the quest of getting the Fierce Deity set in TOTK. You can then start tracking down all of the actual armor pieces, with some help from this starting point.

How to Get the Fierce Deity Set in TOTK

How to Get the Fierce Deity Set in TOTK

The first piece of getting the Fierce Deity set in TOTK is the armor itself, the tunic. You’ve got a clue about this from the note. You’re looking in the area around the Akkala Citadel Ruins. You can warp over to the Domizuin Shrine for this. Then, head to the southwest area of the Ruins.

In the wall, there is a small hole you can track down. Head into the crawling area and go all the way through. You’ll find a chamber you can drop into, inside is your first piece of the Fierce Diety set in TOTK.

How to Get the Fierce Deity Set in TOTK – Mask

How to Get the Fierce Deity Set in TOTK

The Fierce Deity set in TOTK is a bit more unique than other armor sets. It changes Link’s entire face! He has warpaint markings which you’ll need a mask for, it also comes with his trademark hat. The first stop to get the mark is to head to Skull Lake, just west of Akkala.

Once around the lake, you’ll need to head through the entrance on top of a stone pillar which is coming out of the skull lake’s left eye. Head down to the pillar and reach the bottom. Inside you’ll get the next piece of the Fierce Deity Mask in TOTK.

First though, there’s a fight. This cave has a few chambers that need exploding and some enemies which shouldn’t take too long to defeat. After that though, there’s a Stalnox. You can try and just evade him and try to get past or take the enemy down. We won’t go into a full guide on combat and TOTK tips, but you might want to make sure you’re prepared for a fight.

Once past the Stalnox, climb up to the level above to find the Fierce Deity Mask.

How to get the Fierce Deity Trousers and Boots

How to Get the Fierce Deity Set in TOTK

The last stage for getting the Fierce Deity outfit in TOTK is the trousers and boots. This is located a little off from where a lot of players will start, Lookout Landing. Start out from the Susuyai Shrine. Head up the hill to the west of the Shrine, and you’ll see a pond with a tree stump in the middle. Glide down to the hole to reach a cave.

There are a few more monsters in this cave and a Bubbelfrog if you’re collecting items for the monster hunters. Further in, you’ll spot an opening in the wall which is covered by vines. Burn away the vines to find the final piece, the Fierce Deity boots.

How to Get the Fierce Deity Sword in TOTK

How to Get the Fierce Deity Set in TOTK

That’s how to get the Fierce Deity set in TOTK. However, this outfit comes with a matching sword! If you want to pick up a piece of weaponry to go along with the armor, you’ll need to head back to the cave where you started this quest. Thankfully, this is a much easier to track down. You just need to go back to the cave and find a congratulatory note. Then you’ll get the sword from the chest.

That’s the Fierce Deity set complete! While you can get Epona in TOTK, you can’t get the younger version used in Majora’s Mask. This is still an impressive set of armor that’s worth tracking down in this title though.

How to Get the Fierce Deity Set in TOTK with Amiibo

There is an alternative method for how to get the Fierce Deity armor in TOTK. You could just use an amiibo. The Majora’s Mask Link amiibo has a chance at spawning a piece of the armor. You can use your daily reward from the amiibo to try and complete the armor without the fuss

What is The Fierce Deity Set in TOTK?

How to Get the Fierce Deity Set in TOTK

That’s how to get the Fierce Deity armor in TOTK. If you’ve not played all Zelda games, or just not 100%ed them all, you might be at a loss with this set though. Why is Link in such different colors and how does it relate to Majora’s Mask?

While Majora’s Mask featured a child version of Link, players could get the Ocarina of Time adult model, in a way. By collecting every mask that the notoriously difficult Zelda game had to offer, the final boss area would reward you with Fierce Deity Link. This was a hyper-powered up form that let you make quicker work of the Skull Kid. Seeing it represented in Tears of the Kingdom is a great shoutout to this final boss fight. Plus, it’s a nice easter egg to everyone who’s been using him in Smash without ever knowing.

How to Get Fierce Deity Set in TOTK – All 4 Pieces
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