How to Gain Influence in Manor Lords

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How to Gain Influence in Manor Lords

Here’s a short guide to help you gain Influence quickly in Manor Lords.

Manor Lords can be a pretty hardcore experience, even for those well-versed in city-building/resource management games. With plenty of resources to think about while making sure all your people are happy with your town’s policies and, of course, fighting off the harsh winter each year, things can quickly get overwhelming for just about anyone.

Gaining Influence is an important part of the game that affects your ability to expand your territory. But those new to the game find it quite confusing.

What does it actually do? And how do you get more of it?

These are the questions we’ll answer as we give you a complete rundown of all you need to know about this crucial currency in Manor Lords. Let’s get started!

What is Influence in Manor Lords?

How to Gain Influence in Manor Lords

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Influence is a form of currency in Manor Lords that you earn through various activities. While Influence can serve as a bragging right, showcasing your ability to manage your city and keep your people happy, there’s a more important purpose behind it.

You can use Influence to claim an uncontested region on the map. To check your Influence, hover your mouse to the top right of your screen beside your Lord’s avatar.

As for how you can use it to claim a region, you need to open up your minimap. The cost to claim each region is 1000 Influence. You can click on the region and if you have the required Influence, you can click the Claim with Influence button at the bottom.

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However, this only works if the region isn’t contested. Sometimes you’ll see an opposing Baron contest your claim. In that case, you need to call up your army and fight the enemy to claim the region. And if you prefer the pacifist route, you can sometimes bribe your way out of a fight.

How to Gain Influence in Manor Lords?

Now that you understand what it is, let’s talk about how you can get it. There are a couple of ways you can gain Influence in Manor Lords. Here’s a quick rundown of all the methods:

1. Raising Your Settlement Level

How to Gain Influence in Manor Lords

As you play Manor Lords and grow your city, you’ll eventually get the option to upgrade your Settlement’s Level. Every time you raise the Settlement Level, you’ll gain a handful of Influence.

2. Increasing the Population

When you construct Burgage Plots, new people will start coming to your city and adding to its population. This also adds a small bit of Influence to your Lord.

However, that doesn’t mean you should start making Burgage Plots left and right. The higher your population rises, the more resources your citizens will consume. You need to balance population growth with Influence gain to get the most out of Manor Lords.

3. Build a Manor and a Church

How to Gain Influence in Manor Lords

Credit: Videogamer

This is probably the quickest way to get a good chunk of Influence in Manor Lords. When you start the game, try to raise your Settlement Level to Small Settlement as quickly as you can. This lets you build your first Manor and Church.

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Constructing the two buildings will immediately give you a massive boost in Influence. From your Manor, you can enact new policies and set up a Tax Collection system to automatically raise money from your citizens. Set it up, and you’ll have a steady influx of Influence every now and then.

You can do the same from the Church by imposing a Tithe. Setting the Tithe anywhere from 10% to 20% gives the most return on Influence. However, You don’t want to set the Tax too high, or you’ll notice a drop in your Approval.

Additionally, improving your Church and building new manners as you expand your territory also gives you a decent boost in Influence.

4. Conquer Bandit Camps

If you’re playing in one of the higher difficulty scenarios (Restore the Peace and On the Edge), you can attack bandit camps. Defeating a camp will give you a decent bit of Influence. After you conquer a camp, you’ll also get some pillaged goods that you can use for your personal coffers or regional wealth, so it’s worth doing if you have a strong army.

And there you have it—these are all the ways you can quickly boost your Influence in Manor Lords. Hopefully, our guide will help you claim more territory and expand your city without too much trouble. Good luck!

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How to Gain Influence in Manor Lords
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