How to Find and Catch Palia Enchanted Pupfish

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How to Find and Catch Palia Enchanted Pupfish

Find out where to find Palia Enchanted Pupfish and what baits to use for catching them 

Palia offers a delightful escape into a cozy life simulation. Beyond completing quests, you can pursue activities like farming, crafting, and especially fishing! Fishing can be a rewarding pursuit in Palia if you can master its intricacies. You need to know about a fish's habitat and eating habits to find and catch it successfully. Previously, we discussed how to catch Channel Catfish in Palia, and today, our Palia fishing tutorial will center around the Palia Enchanted Pupfish. 

Where to Find Palia Enchanted Pupfish?

Palia's diverse marine ecosystems offer a variety of fish to discover. From the vastness of the ocean to the tranquility of hidden ponds, each location – ocean, lake, pond, cave water, and river – boasts unique species.  Some elusive fish, like those in the Kilima region, prefer the cool mountain streams, while others, like the species living in Bahari Bay, thrive in the warm ocean currents.

How to Find and Catch Palia Enchanted Pupfish
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The Enchanted Pupfish is an uncommon beauty found in Palia's waters. Catching one usually costs 115 Gold, but netting a Star Quality version will set you back 172 Gold. This elusive fish is a key ingredient for the Magic Bundle and can help you complete several objectives in the game.

The good news is that finding an Enchanted Pupfish in Palia isn't too much difficult! Head to Kilima Village and cast your line along the southern or western coasts. With its calm waters, Fisherman's Lagoon is a particularly promising spot for this shimmering catch. 

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Fisherman's Lagoon might throw you for a loop! While it appears vast and open like an ocean, it's actually a sheltered section of the much larger Kilima Lake. This unique geography allows for a variety of fish species to thrive within the lagoon itself.

While the Enchanted Pupfish only calls Kilima Lake home, fret not! The vast shoreline offers ample space to find your perfect fishing spot.  Here, you can cast your line while keeping an eye out for interesting land-based resources.  Be sure to check for critters to bug hunt, dig up some valuable clay deposits, and maybe even spot the rare Crystal Lake Lotus blooming along the water's edge.

How to Catch Enchanted Pupfish in Palia 

The Enchanted Pupfish might not be the rarest catch in Palia, but don't underestimate its charm! To snag this gleaming prize, you'll need to equip yourself with the right bait: Glow Worms.  These enchanting creatures can be obtained by a few methods. You can buy them from the Fishing Guild Store, or get them from Zeki’s Wondrous Machine.

Once you've secured your Glow Worms, consider upgrading your fishing rod for extra stamina. While not mandatory, a stronger rod can help with those stubborn catches, including the Enchanted Pupfish.  Head to Kilima Village and cast your line along the shores of Kilima Lake. Remember, the Enchanted Pupfish is not the only resident of this water body, so don’t be disappointed if your first catch is something else. You might have to go through a few trial and errors before reeling in the coveted Pupfish. 

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Keep an eye out for large circles of ripples in the lake! These may indicate a higher quality fish lurking beneath. Cast your line baited with Glow Worms and exercise patience—your perseverance might be handsomely rewarded.

How to Find and Catch Palia Enchanted Pupfish
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