How to Fast Travel in No Rest for the Wicked

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How to Fast Travel in No Rest for the Wicked

Wondering how to fast travel in No Rest for the Wicked? We’ve got you covered.

As the size of the map increased in modern games, the need for some sort of Fast Travel mechanic also rose. We all love exploring vast open worlds, but let’s be honest; after a while, it can get quite boring. So when you have to run from point A to point B, you’ll often choose to use fast travel.

No Rest for the Wicked is now in early access, with only the first section of the game being playable. Even so, the map is quite big. And many people who plan on picking it up are wondering how fast travel is used in the game.

Well, don’t worry; we’ve got the answers.

In this article, we’ll explore the fast travel system in No Rest for the Wicked so you can decide whether it’s worth picking up for yourself. Let’s get started!

How Does Fast Travel Work in No Rest for the Wicked

How to Fast Travel in No Rest for the Wicked

In No Rest for the Wicked, you can’t access the fast travel feature until you finish the first section of the game. That means you need to finish the Prologue, get to the Shallows, fight your way through Mariner’s Keep, defeat Warrick, the Torn, and reach Sacrament before you can use this feature.

Once you get to Sacrament, head to the right from the stairs, past Mira and Meri’s Tailor Shop, and up the stairs. You’ll reach a Cerim Whisper, those glowy blue things that used to save your progress up to this point. Activating this Cerim Whisper gives you the ability to fast travel.

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However, you can’t travel anywhere you want. You can only travel from Sacrament to the Last Whisper you activated and vice versa. Traveling between Cerim Whispers isn’t available, at least not yet. 

Using the Cerim Whisper in Sacrament will also give you a pop-up tutorial explaining how it all works. 

Where is the First Cerim Whisper in No Rest for the Wicked

How to Fast Travel in No Rest for the Wicked

If you’ve been exploring the map before reaching Sacrament, there’s a good chance you’ve already unlocked two Cerim Whispers. But as it turns out, many players fail to activate the first Cerim Whisper when they wash up in The Shallows region.

When you land on the beach, head west, crossing the bridge where you get your first weapon. Continue traveling west until you find a broken lighthouse right by the sea. At first glance, you’ll find no way to enter the lighthouse. 

How to Fast Travel in No Rest for the Wicked

The trick is to climb up steps on the lighthouse and travel around it. You’ll find a hole in the wall that you can enter through. Now, you can easily activate the Cerim Whisper to make it easier to travel back and forth from Sacrament.

Bonus Tip: Climbing up the stairs beside the Cerim Whisper, you’ll find a broken bridge. Gordon, the Cook, will be on the other side of the broken bridge when you trigger The Innkeeper’s Husband side quest from Sacrament.

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How to Fast Travel in No Rest for the Wicked
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