How to Earn Zorkins in Outcast A New Beginning

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How to Earn Zorkins in Outcast A New Beginning

In Outcast A New Beginning, you will have to buy items from various merchants to continue your adventure, so you must be in possession of the game currency, namely Zorkins. In this article, therefore, we will explain how to earn Zorkins in Outcast A New Beginning, indicating which items allow you to obtain them in greater quantities.

How to Earn Zorkins in Outcast A New Beginning

Zorkins in Outcast A New Beginning is the in-game currency essential for purchasing goods sold by merchants. Being in possession of this coin is certainly a fundamental thing because it will often be useful for you to buy things from merchants to make your character stronger or to have advantages in combat. For this reason, we have decided to show you some methods to obtain this game currency.

Selling Items

The first method you have to earn Zorkins in Outcast A New Beginning is to sell the items. In fact, through the sales function, you may be able to obtain a large nest egg that you can reinvest in the purchase of things that you really need. Outcast A New Beginning is an open world, so there are many things you can collect during your adventures and then decide to sell them later.

Head to one of the merchants on the game map and start selling everything you don't need. If you have items that you know you won't use, don't be afraid to sell them. It's much better to sell them and pocket some Zorkins than to keep taking up space in your inventory with things you won't use.

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However, not all items you sell are created equal. Some of them don't allow you to make much money, while others are a real gold mine. The fact is that the items that are worth the most are also the ones that you will need the most, so consider what to do carefully. If you are short on Zorkins and need to get them as soon as possible, you might consider sacrificing some good resources.

But what are the items that allow you to get more Zorkins in Outcast A New Beginning? Let's put together a list of the most valuable items that you can find on the planet of Adelpha:

  • Ancient Sai Statuette: 100 Zorkins
  • Blue Heldium Flower: 100 Zorkins
  • Precious Ore: 60 Zorkins
  • Ventiolpe Statuette: 50 Zorkins

How to Earn Zorkins in Outcast A New Beginning

Selling Gork

The other way you can get Zorkins quickly is to sell Gork to the character of the same name who is located south of Emea. As you will surely have noticed, in Outcast A New Beginning there is the possibility of also taking part in secondary activities around the game world, one of which allows you to visit corruption points where you will have to eliminate plants.

These plants are basically the natural response to everything the invaders are doing on the planet and causes all nearby creatures to go into a state of rage and therefore become hostile. However, these plants are also capable of infecting Talans, as happened in the one located just south of Emea. Once you talk to him, you can start collecting the Gork from these corruption points and sell it to this character in exchange for Zorkins.

How to Earn Zorkins in Outcast A New Beginning
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