Outcast A New Beginning Crafting Guide

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Outcast A New Beginning Crafting Guide

As in any self-respecting open world, crafting cannot be missed in Outcast A New Beginning. Being able to create certain items is definitely a useful thing that you should in no way underestimate, so in this Outcast A New Beginning crafting guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

Outcast A New Beginning Crafting Guide

Crafting in Outcast A New Beginning is quite diverse, as it allows you to have access to four different types of merchants that are present in the world of Adelpha. Each of them is capable of manufacturing some things rather than others, so be careful to go to the right one for your needs. In this article, we look in detail at these four categories of merchants and what goods they are capable of crafting.


These merchants are capable of creating potions if you bring them the materials they need. These materials can be found practically everywhere in the game world; therefore, whenever you move between one area and another, our advice is to use the scanner to be able to see which materials can be collected. Don't think there are many, because they never are. Collect resources whenever you get the chance.

We said that Gandhallipots are able to craft potions, so let's see together what types of potions are available and what their uses are:

  • Elue Potion: Immediately heals Cutter for a certain amount of health
  • Regeneration Boota: Heals Cutter over time
  • Fae Potion: Boosts damage for a period of time
  • Gandha Potion: Boosts damage resistance for a period of time
  • Ka Potion: Boosts Gliding efficiency for a period of time
  • Energy Boota: Gives Cutter an extra bar of energy for a period of time
  • Aura Boota: Gives Cutter extra health for a period of time
  • Shield Boota: Gives Cutter an invulnerable shield for a period of time
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Outcast A New Beginning Crafting Guide


This type of merchant, as you can guess from the name, is able to sell upgrades in exchange for materials and/or Zorkins (the game currency). Outcast A New Beginning offers several upgrades that players can purchase to make their adventure in the game easier:

  • Potion and Boota inventory
  • Plant inventory
  • Red and Green Helidium inventory

Traders and Merchants

The latter types of merchants are those who have the task of carrying out more “low-level” tasks. Merchants sell and buy materials and only have a limited number of resources available, while traders allow you to exchange materials for other materials.

Ultimately, we can say that Outcast A New Beginning gives you a wide choice of merchants to draw on in order to carry on your adventure. If you are looking for new potions that can give a boost to some of your statistics, your choice will have to fall on the Gandhallipots; if instead, you are looking to extend your inventory, you will have to go to the upgraders; and finally, if you want to sell, buy, or exchange materials, you will have to go to the merchants or traders.

Outcast A New Beginning Crafting Guide
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