How to Dock in Starfield

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How to Dock in Starfield

You can't play and start your adventure in Bethesda's space universe and not know how to dock in Starfield. The game, in fact, gives players the possibility to dock and board ships, something that will be extremely important if you want to continue your adventure. In fact, in some missions in Starfield, it is necessary to dock in order to complete the mission and continue with the story. However, this is not a very simple thing, but don't worry because we got you covered.

How to dock ships in Starfield

The first thing to do to dock another ship is to target it and then press “E” on PC or “A” on Xbox. However, keep in mind that this will only be possible if you are a maximum of 500 meters from your target, otherwise, it will not be possible to dock the ship. Once you have successfully docked, you can decide to do several things: board the ship, explore your ship, or undock.

As mentioned previously, you will need this to complete some of the main missions of the game, so you can't help but know how to dock in Starfield. In addition to the missions that are necessary to continue the story, there will also be some activities present in the Starfield mission board that will ask you to use this technique, since you will be required to infiltrate other ships to complete the objective. Consequently, as you can see, knowing how to dock in Starfield is an essential thing, without which you won't get very far.

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Aside from being able to dock ships that are in a neutral state and therefore do not attack you, in the game, you will also be asked to approach enemy ships with many enemies. In this case, the process becomes more complex and is no longer as simple as drinking a glass of water. There are many cases in which you could find yourself in this situation: perhaps you chose the Wanted trait when you created your character and therefore, from time to time, mercenaries will try to attack you, or you have an active bounty on your head. In short, there are many variables and it depends on your way of playing and your choices.

But now let's get to the point. How can you dock a ship when there are hostile enemies? First of all, the first thing to do is to obtain the Targeting Control System skill which allows you to destroy the target's engines. At this point, the enemy ship will be immobilized and this is when you can implement the normal docking strategy.

Furthermore, in some cases, there will be a need to announce the fact that you want to dock a ship, such as that of the United Colonies Vigilance. However, before you can try your hand at docking with this type of ship, you must first learn to hail, otherwise, you could get into serious trouble if you board a ship without authorization.

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how to dock in starfield

How to Dock in Starfield
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