Starfield Mission Board Explained

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Starfield Mission Board Explained

The Starfield mission board is something separate from the main missions, and given the presence of many missions and activities, it might seem a little confusing, especially at the beginning. For this reason, in this article, we decided to create an in-depth and detailed guide on how the Starfield mission board works and what type of missions you can find inside it. Consequently, after reading this article, the mission board will no longer have any secrets for you.

What is the Starfield mission board?

First of all, let's start by trying to give a definition to the Starfield mission board by explaining what it actually is. The mission board is a sort of virtual hub where players can choose and accept a whole series of repeatable missions that ask you to complete general objectives that allow you to earn a certain number of credits. These are therefore secondary activities that intertwine with the main and secondary missions and those dedicated to the individual factions.

Consequently, don't expect missions that enrich the plot of the game, but these are more missions in which you will be sent around the various planets to satisfy simple requests, such as hunting animals, finding specific plants, etc. In short, all very straightforward tasks that will allow you to break up the rhythms of the story a bit, allowing you to dedicate yourself to other things while earning credits (which is always welcome).

Starfield mission board locations

The mission boards are located within the main cities, at the hubs of the various factions present in the game. For example, the Constellation mission board is found in The Lodge. It is a small computer with which you can interact and which will give you access to the mission board of this faction where you can complete the missions related to it. The one from the United Colonies faction is found in the control room of the UC Vigilance spaceship. The Crimson Fleet one is found in the Reckoner's Core of The Key. Finally, the Freestar Collective one is located in The Rock bar in Akila City.

Starfield mission board quest types

As we said previously, the activities present in each of the Starfield mission boards are many and well- diversified, even if they are all quite simple to complete. For this reason, therefore, they represent an excellent source of income with regards to in-game currency. The activities you can carry out are the following:

  • Bounty
  • Cargo
  • Passenger
  • Hunt
  • Smuggling
  • Piracy
  • Rescue
  • Sabotage
  • Plant
  • Hack
  • Explore
  • Supply
  • Survey

Not all activities will be present in all mission boards, but it depends on which one you are accessing. For example, in the Constellation Starfield mission board, there will be different activities than those present in the Crimson Fleet faction mission board and so on. In short, not only are these activities different from each other, but also different based on the place. As a result, this offers a greater variety of choices, which is always a good thing to ensure that players don't have to repeat similar things too many times.

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starfield mission board


This type of activity is very simple and does not need who knows what kind of explanations. In fact, in bounty missions, all you have to do is find and kill your target. The objectives can be of any type and the advice we give you to best succeed in this type of activity is to use your scanner to scan everything around you in search of various clues. Indeed, finding the right clues will allow you to find your target more quickly.


This type of activity is also very simple and intuitive to understand. Once you have accepted this type of mission, all you have to do is go to your destination with your cargo, obviously without the latter receiving too obvious damage. Consequently, it is an activity that does not require much effort to complete, just a little attention will be enough.


This activity is very similar to the previous one, except that this time you will be transporting people and not goods. One thing to keep in mind for this type of mission, however, is the fact that your ship has a maximum capacity of how many people it can carry. So, if you are already maxed out, you will need to upgrade your ship's capacity before you can take part in these types of missions.


As you have surely guessed from the name of the missions, these are activities in which you will have to hunt and kill all the enemies present in a hostile area. These missions can be slightly more complex, especially if you are in areas with many enemies, but they will never be activities that will take a long time to complete or become frustrating.


These are straightforward activities where all you have to do is smuggle contraband for the Crimson Fleet faction. This type of mission is perhaps one of the most complex due to the intricate smuggling system present in the game. Consequently, if you want some tips on how to smuggle contraband in Starfield, you can read the following guide. Furthermore, this type of activity can only be accepted in the Starfield mission board found in the Crimson Fleet hub.

starfield mission board


This type of missions are also characteristic of the Crimson Fleet faction, therefore they can only be accepted through their mission board. In this type of mission, your goal will be to steal gear from other ships and then bring it back to the Crimson Fleet base. This activity is also not very simple, as it requires a bit of strategy to ensure that you don't get caught.


This type of mission is given to us by the Freestar Collective faction. The objective of this type of mission is to rescue a hostage from a hostile ship present in the game world and return him to the Freestar Rangers. This activity needs a bit of strategy to complete because you will have to be able to sneak onto the opponent's ship and save the person in danger.

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This is one of the specific mission types that can be found in the Ryujin Industries Starfield mission board. The objective of this mission is to sabotage, as the name of the activity suggests, a rival business, in such a way as to ensure that Ryujin Industries prospers more and more and has no rivals in the Starfield universe.


This activity is also linked to the Ryujin Industries faction. What you will have to do is obtain incriminating evidence and place it so that the person who is the subject of the mission is incriminated. Not a very ethical thing, we know, but it's the way Ryujin Industries operates, for better or worse.


This is the last type of activity specific to the Ryujin Industries faction. In this type of mission, what you have to do is very simple: load a malicious program on the devices reported by the target which will serve to create havoc for the target. As with all missions linked to this faction, therefore, it is an activity in which you will not have to show off your combat skills, but technological ones.

starfield mission board


This type of activity aims to locate a planet with a specific trait. Consequently, completing this type of mission could be very useful to obtain all the Starfield planet traits that are present in the game. Given their nature, these are the most difficult Starfield board mission activities to complete, also because they require more time and dedication. What we can advise you to do is to upgrade your scanner, otherwise, it will be difficult to find the right planet from afar and you will have to land on each of them.


Even with these types of missions you will have to dedicate some time to them and they can be quite difficult to complete. Your goal is to collect resources and send them to another settlement using an outpost cargo link. Consequently, in order to take part in these missions, you must have the Outpost Engineering skill and an outpost cargo link that will allow you to send resources.


Probably the most time-consuming mission that you can tackle among those present in the Starfield board mission. To complete these activities, in fact, you will have to survey and scan every type of characteristic of the mission's objective planet, including the flora and fauna. If the planet is devoid of life, most things can be scanned when you're in orbit, so the process is much faster; on the contrary, for planets where there are life forms, you will have to land and explore the planet far and wide until you have found everything there is to scan.

starfield mission board

Starfield Mission Board Explained
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