How to Check Fortnite Status – Is Fortnite Down? 3 Solutions

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How to Check Fortnite Status – Is Fortnite Down? 3 Solutions

Can’t log in to the game? Make sure to check Fortnite status and see why Fortnite is down first.

Fortnite has been one of the most popular battle royale titles for quite some time now. Epic Games do amazing work to keep the game updated and make the player base happy by bringing new content frequently. You can’t update every week with crazy new content and always have things run perfectly though. There’s going to be occasional downtime. If you can’t get into the game, sometimes it’s easier to check the Fortnite status before you assume it’s a problem with your set-up.

Fortnite gets downtime every now and again. Often, the Fortnite server status is down for everyone at once. One recent example was Chapter 3, Season 1. That’s the Fortnite season which introduced the Rock and Spider-Man. However, players who were facing issues and seeing errors in-game found that some Creative Islands were missing objects, some users struggled to log in at all. Eventually, Epic Games acknowledged the players’ issue. At first, though Fortnite was down and it was difficult to tell what the problem was. It’s these kinds of bugs which might make you think the error is on your end, but it’s easily resolved by checking Fortnite server status.

If you run into a problem with a usually fine part of Fortnite, it can pay to take a quick detour to check Fortnite servers. This is how you can check the server status and see if Fortnite is down for everyone or just for you.

How to Check if Fortnite is Down

Check Fortnite status

Usually, when Fortnite isn’t accessible, the servers are down due to some maintenance. Fortnite server status could be down if the developers are pushing an update. This is done to make sure that the update or the maintenance is done without any issues. Although the maintenance or update timings are informed prior to an announcement.

If you're one of the players facing issues with the servers, here's how you can check their status:

  1. Go to the official epic games server status website here.
  2. You can also have a look at the official Fortnite status Twitter page here.
  3. Downdetector Fortnite Page will also be a good option to look at here.
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If the servers are down for some reason, you'll have to wait for them to come back online to play. There are a few reasons why Fortnite could be down though, and where you can find proper explanations.

Is Fortnite Down?

When you go to log in Fortnite, there’s sometimes a screen you’ll see instead of the season’s splash page. You might instead be greeted by a message that you couldn’t connect to the server. As a live service game, that basically means it’s not accessible. It isn’t always a bug or an error though, Fortnite sometimes goes down sometimes for expected reasons.

Check Fortnite status

The Fortnite server status can be down for maintenance when a new patch is coming. It goes down for a short while until the game is updated with the newer version of the title. When there’s a new season the downtime is a bit longer. When there’s a new Chapter, it can take quite a while. Fortnite once went down for days only to be replaced with a black hole. If you missed the Fortnite live event before the crossover, you wouldn’t have known why Fortnite was down. If you take the time to head over to Epic’s official server status page, you can see if the game is still online or not though.

Why Does Fortnite Go Down?

There are only really a few reasons why Epic would ever take Fortnite down. The first is that the game is going through a normal update. This is a scheduled downtime. A little bit before the downtime, there will be a small notice in the game that lets you know when the downtime is scheduled for when it’s going to end. These are the simplest downtime indicators for Fortnite since they’re planned.

The second reason is something a bit less scheduled. Sometimes Fortnite goes down due to the servers being unstable. This is where it’s important to check Fortnite server status. The game might not even be down for everyone. However, various issues in the game could cause the game to go offline or have connectivity problems.

Sometimes a bug in Fortnite could cause you to get kicked out mid-way through the game. This can happen without any warning, and you might not be able to get back in. This won’t affect everyone at once though so it’s best to check Fortnite status before you jump to Epic’s support! Sometimes you might just need to close it down and reconnect it to the overall server.

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Where Can You Check Fortnite Status?

Check Fortnite status

The Fortnite server status page is how you can find up if the game is up or not. There are a few different places to check Fortnite Server status, depending on what’s happened in-game. This is where you should start.


The Fortnite Status Twitter account is your place to head to find out if the server is down or up. If there’s a game-wide issue that’s affecting players, they’ll have an update there. This is usually where you can find the ETA on when the game will be back up too. This is the most specific place where Epic provides important details.

Check the Official Site for Fortnite Server Status

Epic maintains an official server status site here too. This is great since it’s always accurate to what’s going on with the wider game. The downside is there’s less space for Epic to actually explain what specifically is going on with the game. It’s good for knowing what’s happening if Twitter isn’t available though, or if the Epic Fortnite Twitter gets hacked, again.


Sometimes Fortntie is down but Epic hasn’t figured it out yet! In this case, DownDetector is a good place to check. This site collates use reports about a game being down. Even if you’re kicked out for a reason that isn’t clear yet, you can see how other players are finding the Fortnite server status here. This site will usually be able to show something. Since it isn’t official it can provide a good look at user experience, even when Epic hasn’t updated anyone on the problem yet. It’s not an official way to check Fortnite status though.

What Do You Do When Fortnite is Down?

Those are the sites and services to check if Fortnite is down! One of those three spots should give you a hint of why it is down. If the game is down because of an update or a game-wide bug, you’ll just have to wait it out!

If the servers are up and running and you are still facing an issue though, you can contact Epic Games customer support to see if they can help you out with your problem.

How to Check Fortnite Status – Is Fortnite Down? 3 Solutions
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