How to Catch The Giant Goldfish in Palia

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How to Catch The Giant Goldfish in Palia

Here’s our complete guide on how to catch the Giant Goldfish in Palia

As much as we love slaughtering monsters, destroying mobs, and taking down big, bad bosses, sometimes all we want to do is kick back, relax, and go through a chill, no-pressure gaming experience. Palia, the upcoming Simulation MMO game by Singularity Six, is the perfect game if you’re having one of those days.

Think of it as Stardew Valley, where you can fish, farm, craft, or interact with other players in a massive shared world but from a 3D, third-person perspective. There’s no combat here unless you count hunting animals in the wild with your bow!

Understandably, it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but what we saw in the open Beta, we loved every bit of it.

Fishing is an important part of the game, and the Giant Goldfish is an epic fish that you can catch if you meet certain conditions. For players who want to take a shot at clearing all the Accomplishments in the game, it’s a must-catch fish. So how do you get it?

Here’s everything you need to know about it!

Where to Find the Giant Goldfish in Palia

How to Catch The Giant Goldfish in Palia

The Giant Goldfish is an epic fish that you can find at any pond in the game. There are a couple of different fishing spots that you get early on, and if you have the right bait and fishing rod, you can catch the Giant Goldfish anywhere, even your home pond!

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How to Catch the Giant Goldfish in Palia

How to Catch The Giant Goldfish in Palia

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To catch the Giant Goldfish, head to any of the ponds you found on your journey. Since it’s an epic fish, you need to use a special bait known as Glow Worms. You can either buy it from the Fishing Guild Store or Get it from Zeki’s Wondrous Machine. Alternatively, you can grow them at your Home Plot at Glow Worm Farms.

Additionally, make sure you upgrade your fishing skills to unlock the Fine Rod or better. The weak rod you get at the start is good for common or uncommon fish like the Channel Catfish, but since you’re trying to catch an Epic fish, you need a better fishing rod.

Once you have stocked up on Glow Worms and got your fishing rod, head to a pond. Choose Glow Worm as your bait and cast the fishing rod in the pond.

After a while, a fish will bite, and you can catch it. Reel it in and catch it, and if you’re lucky, you've already got your Giant Goldfish.

But since the fish is of epic Rarity, you might need to rinse and repeat the process quite a few times. Then again, you don’t want to burn through your stock of Glow Worms catching every fish that bites.

Here’s a trick to not waste your Glow Worms. When you get a bit, you can usually see the fish species as you start reeling it in. If you see that it’s not the Giant Goldfish, let it go. That way, you’ll save your bait and can try again.

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That’s about all there's to it. With some patience and a bit of luck, you should now have no trouble catching the Giant Goldfish in Palia. Happy fishing!

How to Catch The Giant Goldfish in Palia
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