Honkai Star Rail Updated Character Tier List – Best To Worst

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Honkai Star Rail Updated Character Tier List – Best To Worst

Dive into the dynamic world of Honkai Star Rail with our updated character tier list, and check out the ranks of each from best to worst

Welcome to the ever-evolving universe of Honkai Star Rail. As this captivating journey continues to unfold, so do the rankings of its characters. Join us as we explore the latest tier list, assessing each character's prowess from the best to the rest.

Updated Character Tier List – S+ Tier to D Tier

Honkai Star Rail Updated Character Tier List - Best To Worst
Credit: ONE Esports

Here is our ranking for the best characters, ranked from best (S+ Tier) to worst (D Tier).

S+ Tier

Honkai Star Rail Updated Character Tier List - Best To Worst
Credit: Dotesports
  • Dan Heng– His proficiency in both single-target and AoE scenarios, combined with his Imaginary damage specialty, makes him a top-tier hyper carry. While he may lack the utility of 5-Star characters, his consistent and formidable damage output across various in-game challenges cements his place in the S+ Tier.
  • Jingliu– She has an impressive damage output, though it sacrifices party HP. Her “Syzygy” stacking boosts CRIT Rate and empowers skills, establishing her as the top Ice DPS. Jingliu's synergy with health-loss characters like Blade enables formidable double DPS teams, making her a versatile choice in well-invested parties.
  • Silver Wolf – She secures an S+ Tier spot for exceptional debuffing and Elemental Weakness imposition. Reducing enemy stats and introducing new weaknesses enhances the team's damage, though she excels in single-target situations. Her versatile support, especially in Quantum teams, elevates her to the upper tier.
  • Bronya – She boasts exceptional support capabilities. Her offensive and defensive party buffs, alongside her skill that dispels debuffs and grants extra turns, make her versatile in various battles. Her ability to provide a different turn enhances her value in party compositions, making her an invaluable asset in Star Rail.
  • Tingyun -She claims her S+ Tier spot with potent offensive buffs and accessible rarity. She enhances character attacks with extra lightning damage and excels in supporting strong Main DPS characters. Her skills boost ATK and energy restoration, solidifying her as a top pick in the S+ Tier.
  • Fu Xuan – She has remarkable sustain abilities, uniquely absorbing damage for allies and resisting debuffs. With health investment, she becomes a reliable team tank, safeguarding teammates and triggering healing below 50% HP. A top-tier Star Rail character for these unique preservation abilities.
  • Luocha – He brings unique healing capabilities, scaling from ATK as an exceptional Abundance character. His skills stack the “Abyss Flower” buff, creating a healing field during enemy attacks. With Traces investment, he excels as the game's top passive healer in challenging battles, solidifying his S+ Tier status.

S Tier

Honkai Star Rail Updated Character Tier List - Best To Worst
Credit: Sportskeeda
  • Blade – He has remarkable self-sustaining AoE damage capabilities and efficient SP management. He offers Sub-DPS and Hypercarry potential but demands careful health management and often benefits from a healer's support.
  • Kafka – She is a potent DoT damage dealer, most effective when paired with fellow DoT specialists for meta-viable teams. Her core strength lies in instantly activating DoT damage on enemies, and she excels at amplifying DoT damage through her shocking abilities, making her a versatile choice.
  • Qingque – She has high damage potential, particularly against Quantum-weak enemies. However, her reliance on luck to maximize her damage output prevents her from reaching the S+ Tier.
  • Seele – She deals incredible single-target damage and is versatile in multi-target scenarios. Her unmatched speed, ability to secure extra turns, and synergy with support characters make her an invaluable asset for tackling combat challenges in Star Rail.
  • Pela – Pela's well-rounded support role and proficiency in dealing with defense debuffs, buff removal, and debuffed enemies make her a strong choice in the S Tier. While she shines in AoE teams and provides essential utility, her energy requirements can limit her effectiveness in specific scenarios, though she remains a valuable asset in challenging battles.
  • Asta -She plays a versatile support role, enhancing Fire damage for the team and granting an SPD boost with her ultimate. While her skill point consumption can limit her ATK buff uptime, she thrives in SPD teams and scenarios like the Forgotten Hall, making her a strong pick in the S Tier.
  • Gepard – He is a versatile tank and support character. His shielding capabilities are top-notch, especially with his ultimate, making him a valuable choice for safeguarding allies against instant defeat. Whether in single or dual-target encounters, his freezing abilities, damage over time, and revival talent further solidify his position in this tier.
  • Lynx – She is an effective 4-star healer and debuff cleanser. Her healing abilities and talent to draw enemy attacks to specific party members make her a valuable support character. The bonus of debuff removal with her ultimate solidifies her position in this tier.
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A Tier

Honkai Star Rail Updated Character Tier List - Best To Worst
Credit: Mobile Matters
  • Jing Yuan – He deals remarkable multi-hit damage, excelling in AoE and single-target scenarios. He's the go-to choice for a character who performs admirably in multi-target and single-target battles, offering flexibility in various combat scenarios.
  • Luka– His strong single-target DoT damage capabilities and the ability to weaken the enemy's toughness bar are profound. His utility in increasing the damage taken by enemies with his Ultimate makes him a valuable partner, especially when paired with characters like Kafka, enhancing his effectiveness in specific combat scenarios.
  • Welt – He is a versatile debuffer. His ability to delay enemy actions, reduce their speed, break shields, and interrupt consecutive turns provides strategic advantages in various battle scenarios, making him an adaptable and valuable addition to any team composition.
  • Yukong– She plays a valuable support role, enhancing her team's damage output through ATK, CRIT Rate, and CRIT DMG buffs. Her Skill and Ultimate significantly improve the potential of her allies, especially those benefiting from increased Critical Rate and Damage.
  • Bailu– Her has exceptional healing capabilities, with the highest healing output in the game. Her ability to revive downed allies and provide healing buffs to the team makes her an invaluable Abundance character, especially in challenging and prolonged combat scenarios.

B Tier

Honkai Star Rail Updated Character Tier List - Best To Worst
Credit: PCInvasion
  • Clara – Her specific playstyle requires careful team composition and coordination for optimal effectiveness. While her counterattack capabilities are valuable in scenarios like the Simulated Universe, her reliance on a supportive shielder or healer affects her overall performance.
  • Sushang – She has potential as a physical damage dealer but is hindered by suboptimal traces focusing on her Max HP and DEF rather than maximizing her damage output. Despite this, she remains effective, particularly in single-target encounters where her extra turns and potential to break enemy bars are advantageous.
  • Yanqing – His role as an Ice single-target DPS with a demanding ultimate energy cost affects his overall effectiveness. Although he excels against single-target Ice-weak enemies and offers intermittent freezing support, his unpredictability and reduced damage compared to other DPS characters, impact his performance.
  • Sampo – His proficiency in Wind DoT damage and Wind Shear application is ideally suited for teams centered on debuffs. However, occasional randomness in his AoE Wind damage and the frequent need to activate his ultimate impact his consistency, leading to his B Tier classification.
  • March 7th – She is versatile in shielding allies, counterattacking, and freezing enemies with her AoE Ultimate. However, she shines particularly when paired with Clara or in early Simulated Universe content.
  • Natasha – She has great healing and support abilities. While she excels at group healing with a low-energy Ultimate and debuff removal, she faces competition from newer characters like Lynx, which has reduced her prominence.
  • The Trailblazer (Fire) – It can tank and bait effectively. It can draw enemy attacks with its Skill, stack Magma Will for powerful fire damage, and effectively break fire weaknesses. However, its damage output is less impressive against non-fire-weak enemies.
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C Tier

Honkai Star Rail Updated Character Tier List - Best To Worst
Credit: TheLoadOut
  • Himeko – She is a great AoE damage dealer with follow-up attacks when enemy weaknesses are broken, making her suitable for crowd-control scenarios. However, her overall damage output is not as high, making her less competitive with other AoE DPS characters.
  • Hook – While she can perform reasonably well in single-target and multi-target battles, her overall damage output and utility do not match up to the higher-tier characters. She is a suitable choice if you lack other Fire DPS options, but more powerful characters are available for this role in higher tiers.
  • Serval – She is a straightforward AoE and DoT DPS character, but her overall damage output and versatility do not match up to the higher-tier characters available in the game. She serves as a basic choice for players lacking other Lightning DPS options, but more powerful characters exist for this role in higher tiers.

D Tier

Honkai Star Rail Updated Character Tier List - Best To Worst
Credit: Dexerto
  • Arlan – His unique mechanic of sacrificing HP for damage and his limited survivability makes him a less viable choice for most combat scenarios. While he may have some niche applications in specific content, he falls behind in terms of overall effectiveness compared to other characters in higher tiers.
  • Herta – She has a limited kit, low multipliers, and there are Ice characters that perform better in various roles. While she may serve as a basic AOE Ice DPS, her lack of versatility and lower damage output compared to other characters make her a less favorable choice in most scenarios.
  • The Trailblazer (Physical) – It plays a limited role as a physical DPS. While it provides decent single-target and AOE damage, there are more effective characters for these roles, making it a less competitive choice in most scenarios.

We hope that our tier list has been informative, and we aim to aid you in making more informed character selections for your Honkai Star Rail adventures. So stay tuned for many more guides and articles coming your way soon!

Honkai Star Rail Updated Character Tier List – Best To Worst
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