Honkai Star Rail Simulated Market Complete Guide

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Honkai Star Rail Simulated Market Complete Guide

Here's everything you can get from Mihoyo's Simulated Market Guide web event for Honkai Star Rail.

Mihoyo's anime-styled RPGs have maintained their popularity for years now, and much of it was owed to in-game events that kept the fans in the Resin-fuelled grind for months on end. Sometimes however, the Shanghai-based company sets out challenges beyond the normal gaming platform thru web events.

These themed web events usually reward additional prizes and in-game items, while typically requiring the player to log in for consecutive days. However, Honkai Star Rail took it a step further and combined gacha elements with the law of good ol' supply and demand. This is the Simulated Market.


Want to know how to get the most Stellar Jades in the Simulated Market? Desperate for attention from your favorite 5-star Hunt Path waifu? Here's everything you need to know about the Honkai Star Rail Simulated Market.

How Does the Simulated Market work?

Simulated Market (Topaz and Numby's Commerce Competition) is a mini-game that lets you put up items for sale. The game works by letting each party predict which items will increase in price the next day. Each competition lasts for 5 days, and the team that gets 3 correct guesses first wins!

One each day, you're given a certain amount of credits, which you can use to buy the products of the day. These items include everything from Rose Bouquets to Engine of Creation Memorabilia Parts. The popular items from each selection show how much they're worth that day, and price indicators show how they're doing value-wise. On top of that, the News tab also provides hints for which items to go for and which products to avoid.

Simulated Market Honkai Star Rail

When you go in for the buy, you'll be given sliders to adjust how much credits you'll be willing to spend for the items of the day. You'll also get the chance to see what your opponent is betting on. After you execute your purchase, you'll have to wait in real-time to see who won. Sharing your trade receipt to other platforms gives you an additional x10 Stellar Jades.

Honkai's latest web event also features a short story complimenting its sci-fi web event involving Topaz, who plans to set up a cosmic trading competition for the chance to be interviewed by the Strategic Investment Department.

Simulated Market Rewards

Playing Simulated Market and getting achievements in-game gives you Stellar Jade. Here are all of the rewards that can be won in Simulated Market:

  • Obtain 1 Achievement : Stellar Jade x50, Credit x50000
  • Obtain 2 Achievements : Stellar Jade x50, Credit x50000
  • Obtain 3 Achievements : Stellar Jade x50, Credit x50000
  • Obtain 4 Achievements : Lost Crystal x10, Credit x50000

Simulated Market Honkai Star Rail

Total Stellar Jades in Simulated Market : Stellar Jades x150

When Does Honkai Star Rail's Simulated Market End?

The Honkai Star Rail Simulated Market event ends on October 30, 2023 (UTC+8). The event will run for a week straight, so get those rewards while you can!

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Honkai Star Rail Simulated Market Complete Guide
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