Honkai Star Rail: Light Cone Tier List

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Honkai Star Rail: Light Cone Tier List

This Honkai Star Rail Light Cone Tier list will help you decide which Light Cones deserve your investment and which may miss the mark

Trailblazers have been enjoying building their characters in Honkai Star Rail, despite the hassle they have to go through. One coveted item holds the key to true domination: the Light Cone. Light Cones act as a weapon for the characters in the Honkai Universe and are one of the deciding factors if your characters will be able to conquer the monsters.

Honkai Star Rail's cosmic realm has seen an array of Light Cones, each of them bringing something different to the table. But with limited resources, choosing the right one is the difference between becoming a champion and getting lost in the void. This tier list will guide you toward the Light Cones that bring out your team’s true potential. 

Light Cone Tier List

Honkai Star Rail's gameplay unfolds with each character following one of the seven paths. This translates to the Light Cones as well, to align with individual paths. It's crucial to understand and strategically mix different paths within your team.

While Light Cones come in three rarities (3-star, 4-star, and 5-star), this tier list focuses on the 4-star and 5-star options, as 3-star ones tend to become obsolete as you progress. You can acquire Light Cones through story quests, event rewards, or, mostly by pulling them from the game's gacha system.

Abundance Light Cone

Tier Light Cone 
S Night of Fright

Echoes of the Coffin
Shared Feeling (4-star)

Time Waits for No One

A Hey, Over Here (4-star)

Quid Pro Quo (4-star)

Post-Op Conversation (4-star)

Warmth Shortens Cold Nights (4-star)

B Perfect Timing (4-star)


If you have Bailu, Huohuo, or Luocha, getting one of their signature weapons will significantly boost your healing. If you do not have any of those options, the 4-star Shared Feeling gives an excellent competition to its 5-star counterparts. Abundance has an abundance of Light Cones (Pun Intended!), so you have a lot of good options but the one that falls short in comparison to the majority is Perfect Timing which is not so perfect. 

Destruction Light Cone

Tier Light Cone 
S I Shall Be My Own Sword

The Unreachable Side

Brighter Than the Sun

A On the Fall of an Aeon

Something Irreplaceable 

Nowhere to Run (4-star)

The Moles Welcome You (4-star)

B Under the Blue Sky (4-star)

Woof! Walk Time! (4-star)
A Secret Vow (4-star)


I Shall Be My Own Sword not only has a very cool name but also outperforms its competitors. Being usable on multiple Destruction characters and the best in slot for Jingliu, if you are saving up for a 5-star light cone, this could very well be the one. Something Irreplaceable, albeit in the A-tier, can be purchased with Undying starlight and is excellent as Clara’s signature weapon. So, if you have her, opting for it is a good decision as you may also get good results from it if equipped on other characters. While there are a couple of good 4-star options, others may not be something you would want to farm for. 

Erudition Light Cone

Tier Light Cone 
S Before Dawn

Night on the Milky Way

A An Instant Before A Gaze

Today Is Another Peaceful Day (4-star)

The Seriousness of Breakfast (4-star)

The Birth of the Self (4-star)

B Geniuses Repose (4-star)

Make the World Clamor (4-star)

Erudition characters are the AOE damage dealers, with Before Dawn taking the spot as the best Erudition Weapon. With its passive increasing both CRIT DMG and Ultimate DMG, it isn’t just good for Jing Yuan but every other Erudition member. This one deserves all your Stellar Jades but if you don’t have any or would rather pull for characters, don’t worry! Night on the Milky Way can be purchased at the Store and there are plenty of good 4-star options to get you through.

Harmony Light Cone

Tier Light Cone 
S But the Battle Isn't Over

Past Self in Mirror
Memories of the Past (4-star)

A Dance! Dance! Dance! (4-star)

Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds (4-star)

B Past and Future (4-star)

Planetary Rendezvous (4-star)


There are plenty of excellent choices in 4-star for Harmony, especially with Memories of the Past. Hence, there’s no need to fret when you are building your Harmony characters. With three great options, it’s easy to steer clear of the B-tier ones, which may not serve you very well in the long run. Especially Planetary Rendezvous, which has a conditional passive effect that will limit the freedom you have during team composition. 

Nihility Light Cone

Tier Light Cone 
S Patience Is All You Need

Incessant Rain

A Before the Tutorial Mission Starts (4-star)

Good Night and Sleep Well (4-star)

Solitary Healing

In the Name of the World

B Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat (4-star)

We Will Meet Again (4-star) 

Fermata (4-star)

Eyes of the Prey (4-star)

Before the Tutorial Mission Starts after maximum superimposing may very well be at the same plane as the 5-star(s). With Effect Hite Rate boost and Energy regeneration, it is viable on characters such as Pela and Silver Wolf. Other than that, while Solitary Healing is not up in the S-tier with the other 5-star, it is a pretty solid Light Cone given its availability in Herta’s Shop. 

Preservation Light Cone

Tier Light Cone 
S Moment of Victory
She Already Shut Her Eyes
A Day One of My New Life (4-star)

This Is Me! (4-star)

Landau's Choice (4-star)

Texture of Memories

B Trend of the Universal Market (4-star)

We Are Wildfire (4-star)

Preservation Characters are the tanks of the game, who taunt the enemies and take most of the damage. While Texture of Memories is a fine option for the free-to-play audience, it may be better to purchase other Light Cones from Herta’s Shop and instead opt for the 4-star choices. This is because, despite being a 5-star, its passive named Treasure is quite weak. Moment of Victory can be purchased with 600 Undying starlight. While it will take time and patience if you aren’t a whale, we strongly recommend it as Moment of Victory is surely worth it!

The Hunt Light Cone

Tier Light Cone 
S In the Night

Worrisome, Blissful

A Cruising in the Stellar Sea

Sleep Like the Dead

Swordplay (4-star)

Return to Darkness (4-star)

Only Silence Remains (4-star)

B Subscribe for More! (4-star)

River Flows in Spring (4-star)

The Hunt are the main damage dealers, with single target damage, highly effective against elite enemies. The 5-star options are without a doubt excellent for their respective characters. However, if you are looking for something that can be used on anyone and everyone, the S-tier weapons will surely not disappoint you.

Remember, the resources in the Honkai Universe are scarce. If you don’t swipe the card, you have to be very careful about where you spend your Stellar Jades, Undying starlight, and even farming materials. Therefore, careful investment in the right Light Cone is crucial.

Now that you have gone through this tier list, think about the team you want, read the passives of the Light Cones for better understanding, and make your decision. You can also read the Honkai Star Rail Character Tier List on ESTNN!

Honkai Star Rail: Light Cone Tier List
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