Honkai Star Rail Jade Guide

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Honkai Star Rail Jade Guide

Having trouble scraping together Honkai Star Rail Jade currency? Don't worry, we have all the ways you can grind Stellar Jade.

We all want Honkai Star Rail Jade. It is the lifeblood with which you draw that one character to round out your team or get more realistically disappointed that you drew yet again an Eidolon for March 7th.

We've all been there. But Star Rail Passes are expensive and that Jing Yang banner won't be around forever, so how do you get more?

After some investigating we've nailed down all the ways to farm Stellar Jade in this comprehensive guide!

Honkai Star Rail Jade

Complete Missions

The most common way you'll earn Stellar Jade is by completing the various main and side missions of Honkai Star Rail. It is also why we recommend finishing the main story first before you start grinding in any capacity.

How much Stellar Jade you'll earn is very dependent on the mission and where you are at with the story. You can always check the rewards for a mission in the mission tab. Just note that daily missions don't reward Jade.

And remember to check in with Pom-Pom regularly. Its little side ventures also occasionally reward Jade.

Chests and Hidden Goodies

While chests reward all sorts of goodies, the main currency they'll reward is Jade alongside general upgrade materials. That's nothing new but still good to know.

But the worlds of Honkai Star Rail are also filled with interactable objects and NPCs in the environment. No matter who you talk to or what trashcan you chose to search, chances are you'll always be rewarded with some Jade.

Honkai Star Rail

The Simulated Universe

We all know that you get Jade from simply clearing the Simulated World Universe rogue-lite mode. If you're clearing it for your weeklies those are free.

But there is also a massive amount of Jade you can get from simply collecting Curios and Blessings in the Simulated Universe. Each Curio you discover for the first time rewards 30 and every milestone from the Collection of Blessings rewards 80 Stellar Jade.

Forgotten Hall

The Forgotten Hall which you'll unlock during the later part of your journey is also an amazing source of Jade. Some of the challenges might require stronger teams to clear to completion but just making progress will also net you rewards.

For each time you complete 3 tiers of challenges, you get a whopping 200 Jade. Completing all 15 will net you 3000 Jade. And at least as of writing, they are not time-gated either.

Achievement Hunting

You get achievements for pretty much everything in Star Rail, but more importantly, they will also reward you with Jade.

Many of the normal achievements you'll unlock by simply playing a lot, some others require you to go out of your way. Some are locked behind secret quest chains others behind special conditions you need to fulfill in battle.

Honkai Star Rail Reroll Guide

Daily Training and Nameless Honor

Another great and regular source of Jade is the completion of your Daily Training. This can generally be done by just doing your regular routine such as completing missions and or grinding materials.

Daily Training is generally a no-brainer to complete and only takes a couple of minutes. It gains you 60 Jade a day.

Completing the Fragmentums for Honkai Star Rail Jade

Eventually while doing missions you come across the Fragmentum challenges (they are not actually called that but we'll call them that). They are a series of increasingly harder challenges that reward you with Stellar Jade and other goodies.

There are at least three of them in the game right now. One on Herta's Space Station and two on Jarilo-VI's Silver Guard Restricted Zone. But keep in mind that they are all attached to missions.

Daily Check-In at HoYo-Lab and Codes

And this wouldn't be a mobile game without promotional codes and weird obligatory daily check-ins. If you want to keep up with all the promotional codes, you can check them out here.

These regularly reward a decent amount of Stellar Jade as well as other upgrade materials.

Then there are the HoYo-Lab check-ins. Simply visit HoYovers' official website here, log in, and check in once a day for rewards. For the first few days, you'll receive Stellar Jade on top of your regular rewards.

Honkai Star Rail


One last way to get Stellar Jade is to participate in the various ongoing events that cycle through Honkai Star Rail.

Currently, there's the trail for Jing Yang's banner that'll reward you with some Jade and the Boulder Town Super League Event which will reward you with up to 100 Jade for completion.

So keep an eye on the News tab in your menu and make sure to regularly check in with your Traveler's Log.

And this sums up most of the ways you can obtain Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail, for more content all around miHoYo's latest title check out our News, Guides, and Features here on ESTNN

Honkai Star Rail Jade Guide
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