Honkai Star Rail Codes – [June] All Promotional Codes and How to Easily Activate Them!

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Honkai Star Rail Codes – [June] All Promotional Codes and How to Easily Activate Them!

We all love Honkai Star Rail Codes. Get the latest ones here and learn how to activate them!

Promo codes are your bread and butter when it comes to playing games like Honkai Star Rail. Who doesn't want free handouts?

The problem is only that they're always scattered across space and time so hunting them down is a hassle at best and torture at worst.

You can find them in all sorts of promotions, live streams by miHoYo, advertisements on YouTube videos, or even on the official Wiki page.

If you want to be the first to catch a new code, make sure to join the official Honkai Star Rail discord to keep up with all the latest news.

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Current Honkai Star Rail Codes:

  • STARRAILGIFT – 50 Stellar Jade, 2 Traveler's Guide, 5 Bottled Soda, 10,000 Credits
  • *NEW* SURPRISE1024 – 30 Stellar Jade, 3 Adventure Logs, 2 Dust of Alacrity, 5,000 Credits
  • *NEW* BSN2EWMHA4RP – 50 Stellar Jade, 10,000 Credits

Already Expired Codes:

  • HSRVER10JYTGHC – 50 Stellar Jade, 10,000 Credits
  • CS75WMP976AK – 100 Stellar Jade
  • ZTPTNMTX8LUF – 100 Stellar Jade, 50,000 credits
  • 8A6T6LBFQ4D3 – 100 Stellar Jade, five Traveler's Guide
  • DB7A64BW8LC7 – 100 Stellar Jade, four Refined Aether
  • HSRGRANDOPEN1 – 100 Stellar Jade, 50,000 Credits
  • HSRGRANDOPEN2 – 100 Stellar Jade, 5 Traveler's Guide
  • HSRGRANDOPEN3 – 100 Stellar Jade, 4 Refined Aether
  • 2T7BP4JVEBT7 – 3 Adventure Logs, 2 Condensed Aether, 3 Cosmic Fried Rice, 5,000 credits
  • HSRVER10XEDLFE – 50 Stellar Jade, 10,000 Credits

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Here is how to enter Honkai Star Rail Codes:

If you want to do it via the browser, follow the following steps:

  1. Visit the official Honkai Star Rail code redemption site here
  2. Select your Server Region, then log in
  3. Enter the code
  4. You can now collect the goods via the in-game mailbox

But you can also redeem your codes in-game. In fact its rather easy:

  1. Simply log in
  2. Open up the phone menu
  3. Right next to your character portrait, hit up the three dots
  4. Select Code Redemption
  5. Just enter your Promotional Code
  6. Check your in-game mailbox and claim your goodies.

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Honkai Star Rail Codes – [June] All Promotional Codes and How to Easily Activate Them!
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