Honkai Star Rail Enemies Guide 2024 (Version 1.5)

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Honkai Star Rail Enemies Guide 2024 (Version 1.5)

Dominate your adversaries with our complete Honkai Star Rail Enemies Guide for Version 1.5

Honkai Star Rail's expansive Space RPG is filled with a diverse cast of unique antagonists that are only growing in number. From legions of malevolent space monsters to corrupted crystal spawns, HSR has just about everything to keep you invested in the gacha game's turn-based combat. That said, its important to keep track of all kinds of foes you might encounter in the game to save on time. So we're tracking every single enemy type that comes out in MiHoYo's latest space-faring RPG and what makes them dangerous in our Honkai Star Rail Enemies Guide.

Let's take a look at all of the Honkai Star Rail enemies released so far, as well as the ones set to arrive with Version 1.6.

Honkai Star Rail Enemies Guide

Honkai Star Rail Enemies – Enemy Types

Honkai Star Rail enemies are grouped into 4 categories.

  • Normal – these common enemies are your typical  mobs that are the least challenging out of all of Honkai Star Rail enemies.
  • Elite – Elite enemies usually pose more of a threat due to their increased Damage, HP and Toughness.
  • Boss – challenging foes that boast increased Damage, HP and Toughness as well as a varied move set. Bosses may have multiple phases, making them a tough enemy to beat.
  • Echo of War – the biggest boss battles in Honkai Star Rail's storyline can be revisited in Echoes of War. These are the most challenging bossfights seen in the game, rewarding Trace Materials, high-rarity Light Cones, and Relics upon completion.

Honkai Star Rail Enemies – Factions

Honkai Star Rail enemies are further classified into 6 different factions in 2023.

The Antimatter Legion

Honkai Star Rail enemies

Galactic monsters that tread the Path of Destruction, the Antimatter Legion is a massive army of flesh and steel whose main mission is to destroy all life and civilization. Led by Nanook — the Aeon of Destruction himself — the legion is the main antagonistic force of Honkai Star Rail's overarching storyline. At the same time, these Honkai Star Rail enemies have the most Echoes of War in the game, with Phantylia the Undying being added in the Version 1.2 update.

Antimatter Legion enemies deal either Imaginary or Quantum damage, and their weaknesses include every other Element.


Honkai Star Rail enemies


The Cosmos faction is mostly defined by the game's miscellaneous mobs and other space oddities. Grunts from an intergalactic mega-corporation handling the economy, weird, sweet-tasting space bugs and a certain Beauty-obsessed knight are all placed under the Cosmos faction. Another thing these enemies have in common is the ability to summon additional mobs to help them fight.

These Honkai Star Rail enemies deal Physical and Wind damage while being weak to Ice, Fire, Lightning, Quantum and Imaginary.

Fragmentum Monsters

Honkai Star Rail enemies

The Fragmentum are the results of Stellaron Corrosion, a phenomena that corrupts the spaces around mysterious celestial bodies that have been spreading across the universe. The decay of a Stellaron spreads across its surroundings, slowly transforming any creature in its vicinity into very hostile enemies.

Fragmentum Monsters uses every Element except Physical and Quantum. Weaknesses include all types of elemental damage.


Honkai Star Rail enemies

Jarilo-VI enemies include every hostile mob you encounter on the ice planet of Jarilo-VI.

Normal and Elite enemies on Jarilo-VI only deal Physical damage whilst mostly being weak to Ice and Lightning Elements. Damage gets some variety in Jarilo-VI's Boss category, with weaknesses leaning towards Lightning and Fire.

Stellaron Hunters

Honkai Star Rail enemies

A faction whose main goal is to gather and collect Stellarons — also called the “cancer of all worlds” — for their mysterious ends. Led by the enigmatic Elio, the faction uses its founder's ability to foresee future events and guide the Trailblazer along their plot. Their unsanctioned activities across the universe has made them wanted by the Interastral Peace Corporation, technically making the organization an enemy in Honkai Star Rail.

As of now, Blade, Kafka and Silver Wolf are the only Stellaron Hunters shown in the game. You get to fight Kafka in a story mission where she's fairly weak against Physical, Wind and Imaginary damage.

The Xianzhou Luofu

Honkai Star Rail enemies

Last on our current list is the Xianzhou Luofu faction which is made up of the mobs you fight on its massive flagship. These Honkai Star Rail enemies take inspiration from mythical beasts, and reflect the high-fantasy, hyper-futuristic world of Xianzhou Luofu in their designs.

Normal enemies are weak against all Elemental damage types. Elite enemies aboard the Xianzhou Luofu are evenly susceptible to Physical, Wind, Ice and Lightning Elements, and Bosses are either weak from Fire-Ice-Quantum or Lightning-Wind-Imaginary.

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Honkai Star Rail Enemies Guide 2024 (Version 1.5)
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