Homestory Cup Day Two Recap: Zest Earn a Spot in the Playoffs

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Homestory Cup Day Two Recap: Zest Earn a Spot in the Playoffs

At the Tropical Islands Resort near Berlin, the sun has set on Day 2 of the Homestory XX Cup, and the final combatants for the Homestory Cup Playoffs have finally been selected.

In the domed resort the final two groups of 16 Starcraft players duked it out to see which ones would move onto to compete in the Homestory XX tournament. Over the course of a long 13 hour stream on Twitch, cut with shots of players going down water slides and building sand castles, Starcraft fans definitely got more than their fill of excellent Starcraft matches from some of the best players from around the world.

Note: Group B and D have been switched on Day Two.

Group C

Zest, a protoss player, dominated day 2 of Homestory XX.

Boasting an impressive 13-1 win-loss record, he had the highest score out of any other competitor in the Homestory Cup. Zest’s only loss for the day would come from Stats, another protoss player, who would go on to finish third with an 11-3 record. soO, a zerg player, tied with Stats, but secured second place after he beat Stats 2-0 earlier in the day. French player Clem, a terran player, would finish fourth with a score of 6-8, securing his place in the lower bracket.

Group D

Group D was far more contentious than C throughout the day. The most stand-out player of the group was Serral who obtained a score of 11-3, firmly securing his spot at the top of Group D. Meanwhile, ShoWTimE, SpeCial and uThermal battled it out for second, third and fourth place respectively. Towards the end of the day all three players were neck and neck, all tying with a score of 8-4. Both SpeCial and uThermal would finish the day with a score of 9-5.

In easily the final and most exciting match-up of the night, ShoWTimE, in a nail-biting finale, managed to pull off an upset win against Serral handing him his third loss of the evening. Serral would manage to get the upper-hand in the second game against ShoWTime, scoring a decent baneling hit against the bulk of his forces towards the end of the match. ShoWTimE would finish the night with a score of 9-5.

Ending what could be considered nothing short of a heart-racing night, SpeCial was awarded second place, uThermal landed in third place and ShoWTime dropped down to fourth place.

Tomorrow, 16 players will compete for the Homestory XX Cup and the prize pool of $53,000. The Tournament will consist of two brackets: Cure, Trap, INnoVation, Reynor, Zest, soO, Serral and SpeCial will compete in the Winner’s bracket. TaeJa, Solar, PartinG, MaNa, Stats, Clem, uThermal and ShoWTimE will compete in the Loser’s bracket. The tournament will be double elimination with best of 5 match-ups, and a best of 7 match-up will decide the championship.

The Homestory Sweet Sixteen:

Winner’s Bracket Loser’s Bracket
Cure (Terran) TaeJa (Terran)
Trap (Protoss) Solar (Zerg)
INnoVation (Terran) PartinG (Protoss)
Reynor (Zerg) MaNa (Protoss)
Zest (Protoss) Stats (Protoss)
soO (Zerg) Clem (Terran)
Serral (Zerg) uThermal (Terran)
SpeCial (Terran) ShoWTimE (Protoss)
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