Hitmarker Smashes Equity Crowdfunding Campaign and Raises £200,000

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Hitmarker Smashes Equity Crowdfunding Campaign and Raises £200,000

Esports job-positing website Hitmarker is branching out after a very successful crowdfunding campaign.

Hitmarker, perhaps the most well-known esports-specific jobs platform, recently launched an equity crowdfunding campaign whose results exceeded all expectations. Their original target was £80,000 in 30 days, but in only six, 405 investors managed to raise £200,000.

With all this extra funding, the company plans to increase its marketing reach and pay more competitive salaries. Furthermore, Hitmarker plans to increase its staff to accommodate video game industry jobs along with their bread-and-butter esports ones.

The amount they raised is 250% of the target goal and it took them less than a week to raise it. The 405 investors were from 37 different countries and invested an average of £500. In addition, there was roughly one investment every 20 minutes. The high amount of support and its global diversity speaks to the power esports has.

“Our team is blown away by the support we received during this raise” Hitmarker's Founder Phil Huggan said, “we're more motivated than ever to get back to work and continue providing exceptional value, not only to them [the users, followers and shareholders] and the esports industry, but also to the broader video game market as well.”

Hitmarker was founded in May 2017 and is certainly on the rise. Their job feed is constantly updated, and though it previously only focused on esports, it will now include the video game industry too. For those who think they have the skills to help them expand into the video game market, they will soon begin the hiring process for these positions.

Regardless, be sure to follow them on Twitter for up-to-date job postings from all across the esports and video game worlds.

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